Deceiver of Pain


1. Love Bites.

Love is of which one cannot grasp 'nor take the reins and guide.

It's as stubborn as a stallion, persistent and deceiving.

A stallion like a serpent - eyes of a temptrous; a temptrous out for prey.

To slither it's way into your dreams, and swallow you whole.

Such a serpent will deceive you to believe in a cupid's nightmare.

Suck you dry like the host of a leech, and dissapear.

Such a loss throws you into a deep sadness.

This sea of sorrow will envelop you like Charybdis Odysseus' crew.

The serpent apprentice of Hades himself.

The master of condemnation of innocence to the wasteland of pain.

The deceiver of pleasure and hope.

A teacher of sorrow; serpent the learner, and condemner of your soul to pain.


-Hallie Helmintoller

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