Gone too Soon

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile." Jazzy's world falls apart after her precious younger sister, Mercedes, goes missing. Falling into depression , Jazyy's world falls apart at the seams. Determined to do something more with her life, she sets out on a quest to find her sister and bring her home safe. Is there more to her sister's abduction than what meets the eye?


1. Shadows

            Across the vast plain a petite girl was occupied in the task of picking daisies. Clad in ripped garments, her visage displayed a pleased expression, contrary to the dreary exterior encompassing her tiny frame Engrossed in her work, the girl was oblivious to the treading of hooves approaching behind her. Finally reaching its intended target, the trotting ceased.

            A shadowy figured descended from the tamed stallion, firmly landing on the ground beneath him. Slowly, a draped arm extended from the dark, shapeless body. It lightly skimmed the surface of the little girls back. Startled, the girl was torn from her blissful state, and sucked back into the real world. Now aware of the situation, the girl began to speak.

            “Hello, may I help you?” Silence overtook the world, when eventually the figure replied. “Little girl, I seemed to have lost my precious puppy Emma, have you seen her?” The voice was sweet and genuine, a stark contrast to its speaker. “What does she look like?” Questioned the petite girl, worry beginning to set in. “Well,” began the figure, cautiously approaching closer. “She’s white with little black spots,” he continued, closing the distance between him and the frightened girl. Scanning the trembling girl’s face, the shadowy figure knew his dramatic dialogue and emotional role playing was nearing its end. “And,” he paused, drawing out each individual letter, the time to strike nearing, “you’re going to help me find her.” With that, the shadow snatched the little girl, who was shrieking and striking in self defense. In an instant the world was cloaked in darkness, spinning violently, sucking the earth into a bottomless pit.


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