Gone too Soon

"When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile." Jazzy's world falls apart after her precious younger sister, Mercedes, goes missing. Falling into depression , Jazyy's world falls apart at the seams. Determined to do something more with her life, she sets out on a quest to find her sister and bring her home safe. Is there more to her sister's abduction than what meets the eye?


2. Safe

          An ear piercing shriek engulfed the vast house, its tearful cries wailing throughout the walls. I jolted awake, torn away from that dreadful nightmare. A pool of sweat surrounded my frightened body, shivers crawling along my spine. "Honey are you ok?" Questioned a recognizable voice, worry apparent in her tone. " I'm fine," I managed to reply, my words interrupted by short spurts of breath. Cradling my head in her warm, inviting arms, my once rapid breathing decreased, returning to an even pace. "I had a nightmare," I mumbled under my breath, my words barely audible. "It was about Mercedes."

         My mother’s gentle features harden into a grave expression, adding ten years to her youth. Silence overtook the room, the only sound being the sharp breaths escaping my trembling lips. Formulating the appropriate words in her brain, she finally spoke. “What happened?” “She was taken,” I replied, those painful words causing a short gasp to escape from the frightened women cradling my frail body.

        Releasing my from her gentle grip, her brown eyes darkened, deep and emotionless. Worry burned in her eyes. “We can not let that happen,” she whispered, glancing towards my direction. “Can we?” She inquired, growing worried by my prolonged response. “No. We can not.” Satisfied by my answer she left me, allowing me to drift into a dreamless state.

       Once I awoke, an eerie atmosphere was present. Allowing my eyes to adjust to dim light, I was relieved to hear the merry chatter of Mercedes ringing through the house. Hopping out of bed, I strolled to my bathroom, adjacent to my sizeable room. Splashing cold water on to my sticky visage, my once panicky state subsided. Back in my room once more, I rummaged through my array of Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie and Fitch, Juicy Couture and athletic clothing. Pairing ripped Abercrombie shorts with a blinged up Juicy T-shirt, I made my down the grand stairway, my once frantic state completely diminished.

     I strolled into the kitchen. Mercedes was perched on a barstool, her insane, curly blonde hair curtaining her face. Relived to see her safe, I ate breakfast, a healthy choice of granola and yogurt. I sat in silence. My mom's voice broke my silent state, sending me back to the present, rescuing me from my subconsciousness. "We leave in fifteen minutes." I hopped off from my seat, placed my dishes in the sink, and scrambled to my room. I threw on my Sperry's  and fetched my Gucci, descending the grand stairway once more.

    The start of the school year was quickly approaching. Today I am moving into my school and furnishing my plain, modest dorm. Yes you heard right, MOVING. Westbrooke is the most elite, preparatory school in New York and has received international recognition for its excellent academics. I have been a student there since the second grade, many years considering i am entering the ninth grade. Apparently family roots are intertwined with the school, although my memory is fuzzy as to the story about my family's involvement. when a pair of arms wrapped around my shoulders, my dad dragging my into a suffocating hug, my thoughts faded away. "Goodbye sweetie, have fun," he exclaimed, letting go of his strong hold on my shoulders. "Thanks!" Jamming my ear buds into my ear and cranking up a playlist with Cher Lloyd and Macklemore, thoughts of the school year whirled around in my brain a mix of joy and fear. Anticipating the long drive, and the steady snoring of Mercedes wearing off on me, I dosed off into a peaceful slumber. 


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