Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


23. We might be twins?!

"Your twin is..." My dad started.
"WHO?!" I yelled.
"Louis..." My dad said.
I froze.
"T-T-Tomlinson?!" I yelled.
"Yes..." My dad said. 
"I-I-I'll call you later..." I said.
"Okay bye love you pumpkin.." My dad said.
"Bye love you too.." I hung up.
I laid down in my bed.  How can we be twins?! I knew I shouldnt have kissed him..... I was disgusted...How was I going to tell Louis? I shrugged it off and I walked downstairs slowly. I walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge so I can get something to drink. I felt 2 strong arms wrap around my waist. I looked back to see Louis. I fake smiled. He tried to kiss me but I turned away so he kissed my cheek.
"Whats wrong?" Louis asked looking hurt.
"Im sorry..." I said.
"About what?" Louis asked
"I cant kiss you....sorry..." I said looking down.
"Why cant you love?" Louis asked.
"W-W-We m-might be t-t-t......." I couldnt finish.
"What?" Louis asked
"Louis....We might be T-T-Twins...." I whispered. 
He froze. I hugged him then walked away slowly.

Louis p.o.v.


I couldnt move. We're twins?!?! Im in love with my (Maybe)  twin.....I felt like throwing up from thinking that. She hugged me and walked away. I was frozen. Harry walked in. 
"Whats wrong mate?" Harry asked.
I couldnt move or talk. Harry walked over to me and shook me. 
"LOUIS?!" Harry yelled.
"W-What?" I asked.
"Whats wrong?!" Harry asked.
I froze again.
"Erm...I think Louis and I are twins..." Madison said behind Harry. 
Harry jumped and turned around. 
"What?" Harry asked
"I think Louis and I are twins..." Madison said again.
"Ohhh....awkward..."Harry said laughing.
Madison laughed nervously.
"Madison, can we talk?" I asked.
"Yeah sure.. lets go to my room.." Madison said.
We both went to her room.
"How do you know we're twins?" I asked.
"My dad told me everything..." Madison said.
"Do you mind if I call my mum and ask?" I asked.
"Not at all" Madison said.
I half smiled and pulled my phone out. 
I called my mum.
"Boobear!!" My mum said.
I smiled.
"Hi mum!!!" I said.
"Do you need anything?" My mum asked.
"Well um whats my twins name?" I asked.
"Well youre old enough now" My mum said.
"Thanks...whats her name?" I asked.
"Her name is..." 









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