Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


33. Trunk

"I'll be back!" I yelled. 
I started running towards the entrance but as soon as I got outside paparazzi started asking me questions and blinding me with the flash. They started crowding around me. 
"Madison!! Madison!! Are you Louis Tomlinsons twin sister?!" They kept yelling
 I covered my eyes and tried to walk away but they wouldn't let me out. 
"Mad! Madison!" I heard a familiar voice yell.
Wait only Nicole calls me Mad I tried to look for her but I was stuck by the door. I got my phone out.

To: LouBear 😘💖

Loubearrrrr!!! Paparazzi won't let me go :(  


I put my phone in my pocket and shielded my eyes from the flashes again. I tried to walk through them but failed. I look behind me and see the lads walking out. They all walked up to me and tried their best to clear the way. Niall covered my eyes. I laughed and walked where they were leading me. They started leading me to the car. 
"WAIT! I need Nicole!" I say looking around for her.
I finally see her behind a guy so I run up to her and lead her back to the car. 
"Found her" I say getting in the car. 
Since it wasnt the van there wasnt enought seats. 
"what are we going to do?.." liam asked. 
"I'll go in the trunk" I said.
They all looked at me like i was crazy. 
"what?.. I do this all the time.. ask Nicole.." I said. 
they all looked at Nicole and she nodded. Their eyes widen 
"well I guess if youre okay with it" Liam shrugged. 
We all got out and they popped the trunk open for me. 
"wait what is pap gonna think?" I asked.
They shrugged. 
"just do a thumbs up so they know youre good" louis said. 
I nodded and started getting in the trunk. Pap started taking a bunch of pictures. I laid in and gave the thumbs up. Louis leaned over 
"You're good?" Louis asked. I nodded. He kissed my forehead 
"See ya later sissy" Louis said getting in the car. 
Then harry leaned over 
"You're comfy and everything?" Harry asked. I nodded
"I told you I do this all the time.." I said.
He nodded and put his fist out. I laughed and fist bumped him. He laughed and got in the car. Then Zayn leaned over. 
"You're all good?" Zayn asked.
I gave him the thumbs up. He smiled and gave me a high five. I smiled then he got in the car.
Then Nicole popped her head over. I laughed. 
"Jeez everyone is acting like we're taking a 5 hour drive" Nicole said.
"EXACTLY!!! I do this all the time.. I've been doing this since I was 13" I laugh 
"Exactly! Well stay good kiddo" Nicole said messing up my hair. I laugh and fix my hair. She laughed and got in the car. Then Liam leaned over nervously.
"Are you comfy? Are you okay? Are you sure you want to do this?" Liam asked. 
I laugh 
"Yes, yes, and yes. Liam I've been doing this since I was 13.. I'm fine.." I smile. He smiled 
"Stay alive my turtle loving friend" Liam laughed and gave me a High five. Then he got in the car. Then Niall leaned over.
"You sure you want to do this? I'm sure we can make room" Niall said nervously. 
I laugh and nod 
"Ni it's not like I'm sitting on top of the car" I laugh. 
He took a deep breath 
"I feel like I'm kidnapping you" he said laughing. I laughed
"Well if you don't want to be in the trunk anymore text me or something and we'll pull over and let you out" he said
I nod 
"Thanks, luvs youuuu" I laugh
"Love you tooo" he said laughing
I sat up and kissed him real quick which made pap take a bunch of pictures.
I laid back down. He put his hand on the top of the trunk 
"You ready?" Niall asked. 
I gave him the thumbs up and he closed it and got in the car. I felt the car start. I heard the radio turn on and since I was in the trunk I heard like everything they were saying. Then Wild Ones came on and I heard them all start singing really loud. I started laughing and I got my phone out and texted Niall.

To: NiBear🙈💖💋😘

Message: SHUSHERS! 😂😂

I heard Nialls phone go off. 
"Sorry babe!!!" I heard through the seat. 
I started laughing but they kept on singing really bad so I got my phone out and texted Niall.

To: NiBear🙈💖💋😘

Message: well someone needs singing lessons...😝 and that's just unfair.. Having all the fun without me..😢 XD

I put my phone down and turned around. I heard nialls phone go off again. 
"Hey don't judge! And that's your fault for going in the trunk" I heard through the seats. I laughed. 


*at the house* 

We pulled up to the house and they opened the trunk. Louis and Harry helped me out 
"How did we all fit in there?" Zayn laughed.
"Because I was in the trunk listening to you guys sing really bad" I laugh "oh yeah.. You guys need singing lessons" I laugh
Louis gave me the death glare
"Doesn't scare meeeee" I stick my tongue out. 
He started running towards me. I screamed and ran inside and ran to my room and closed the door and stood up by it so he couldn't get in. I heard a knock on the door
"Who is itttt?" I asked.
"Nicoleee" Nicole said. 
I opened the door and Nicole and Louis ran in. Louis grabbed me and started tickling me. I started laughing really hard. 
"Nicole make him stoppppp" I say laughing really hard.
She put her arms up and backed up. I started laughing really hard. 
"Lou please please stop" I said laughing really hard.
"say I'm a good singer and ill stop" Louis said
"Fine! You're a very good singer" I said laughing really hard. 
He finally stopped tickling me.
"Thank you! Now out" I said pushing him out. 
he groaned and walked out. I closed the door and sat in the chair. 
"Sooo Nicole, why were you crying earlier" I asked. 
She sighed and laid on my bed.
"Wellllll this may sound very stupid but I'm just scared that you're going to ditch me for the boys" Nicole said.
"I would never do that, I get tired of being around all boys sometimes and you're my wifey" I said
She smiled
"Swear?" Nicole asked
I smiled and nodded. 
"Oh yeah there's another reason too..." Nicole said.
"what is it?" I asked
"Well um you know how I told you I was over Niall?" Nicole said
I nodded slowly.
"Well um I lied..." Nicole said. 

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