Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


2. Surprise....

Nialls P.O.V.


I was playing xbox with Liam, Harry, and Louis. Zayn said he was going to meet up with a girl.

Zayn opened the door.

"Can you lads help me out?" Zayn asked.

"Umm sure what do you need help with?" I asked.

"Come here.." Zayn said.

We all looked at each other and gave in. We went outside.

Zayn opened the door of the car and pulled out a girl, she was really beautiful.

"Z-Z-Zayn is she knocked out....?" I asked.

"Yeah....." Zayn said.

"DID YOU KIDNAP HER?!" I yelled.

"Kind of...." Zayn said.

Liam and Harry and Louis high fived him.

I rolled my eyes.

"Zayn....why?...." I asked.

"She was so beautiful! She has a great voice, and i had to have her!" Zayn said.

"Lets just get her inside before she wakes up..." Liam said.

We all carried her inside to the guest room.

"This is her room now" Harry said.

Zayn smirked at her.

"I did good didnt I?" Zayn said smirking.

"YES!" Liam, Harry, and Louis said.

They all looked at me.

"kidnapping is bad..... shes going to hate us...." I said.




Madisons P.O.V.



I heard people talking.

"Kidnapping is bad.....shes going to hate us...." I heard.

He had a husky Irish voice.

I opened my eyes slowly.

"Shes awakeeee" Louis said smirking.

I rubbed my eyes. I gasped.


Wait did One Direction....kidnap me?....

I sat up.

"Hey Beautiful" Zayn said smirking.

I smiled and blushed.

"Whats your name?" Louis asked.

"Madison...." I said with my light british accent.

"Well hello Madison" Harry said with a wink.

I blushed and laughed.

"Ermmm where am I?" I asked.

"At our house" Liam said.

"How did i get here?" I asked.

"Zayn kidnapped you..." Niall mumbled.

"What?" I asked.

"Zayn kidnapped you" Niall said.

I froze.

"Ermm...." I said.

"Well this is your room...." Louis said holding my hand.

Harry was holding my other hand.

"Are you guys going to like hurt me or something?...." I asked.

"No no of course not!!!" Harry said squeezing my hand.

"We only kidnapped you because you were so beautiful we couldnt live without you..." Zayn said.

"Oh..." I said blushing.

"Do you want anything love?" Liam asked.

"Can I have some water please?" I asked.

"Sure thing love" Louis said.

They all left and went downstairs except Niall.

"Look im really sorry they kidnapped you......" Niall said.

"Its fine....." I said.

He hugged me. I hugged him back.

As soon as we started hugging, they walked back in with the water.

"Niall what are you doing?" Zayn asked.



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