Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


28. Stairs

I could tell it was Niall by his accent.
"Yeah?" I asked.
"Umm w-w-will you um b-b-be umm..." Niall said. 
I smiled and blushed. 
"Yes?" I asked looking up at him.
"Um will you b-be m-m-m-mi-min-" Niall said.
I put my finger on his lip.
"Shhh.. Yes" I said smiling.
I felt him smile. I took my finger away. 
I laid back in my chair. 
"Sorry if I w-woke you up" Niall said rubbing the back of his neck.
"You didn't wake me up haha, I was listening to music" I said.
"Ohhhh okay good then haha" Niall said.
I giggled.
"So.." Niall said. 
I giggled again. Him being nervous was adorable. I sat up in my chair. I lightly pecked him on the lips. Then I started walking out the door. 
"See ya downstairssss" I said. 
I saw that he was frozen. I winked and walked away. I started bouncing down the stairs. I laughed as I jumped on each step. On the sixth step I tripped and fell down the other stairs. I slowly looked around and made sure no one was around. Harry was standing right in front of me. I could tell he was holding back his laugh. I got up.
"Shush Styles.. Don't forget I saw you fall at the waterpark.." I said.
He bursted out laughing. His face started turning red from laughing so hard. He laid down on the ground and started rolling around laughing. I crossed my arms. Louis came running in.
"WHAT DID I MISS?!" Louis yelled.
Harry was still laughing super hard.
He started to calm down.
"M-M-M-MADISON F-F-F-" he started but started laughing super hard. 
"What happened?!" Louis asked.
"M-M-M-MADISON F-FELL DOWN T-TH-THE S-ST-ST-STAI-STAI-STAIR-STAIRS!" Harry said while laughing super hard. 
I crossed my arms again and have Harry a death glare. Louis started laughing super hard. He ran into the living room laughing. I lightly kicked Harry then ran into the Living room. 
"LADS GUESS WHAT" Louis yelled laughing.
"LOUIS DON'T YOU DARE!!!" I yelled.
He looked at me. He smirked.
"MADISON FELL DOWN THE STAIRSSSS!!!" Louis yelled laughing. He laid down on the ground and started laughing. The lads started laughing. I sat on Louis stomach
"BAD LOU!" I said.
I slapped him lightly then got up and started walking out of the room.
"Oh and if I were you guys, I would stop laughing.. Or sleep with one eye open.." I said. 
Everyone stopped laughing except Louis. I grinned and nodded. I walked out of the living room and went into the kitchen. I grabbed a water bottle and went to the steps. Harry was still laughing super hard. I slapped him lightly then walked upstairs.
"T-T-TRY NOT TO FA-FAL-FALL!" Harry yelled while laughing super hard. 
I gave him a death glare. Then I started walking into my room. Since my room is at the end of the hall, I was passing by nialls room. I heard cheering. I giggled and walked into my room. I turned on the light and set my water on the nightstand. Then I put my phone on the charger. I laid down in bed and started humming Just A Dream. I eventually fell asleep.


*3 hours later*


I woke up from feeling extra weight on my bed. I opened my eyes slowly and looked behind me. I saw Niall sleeping. I smiled. I cuddled up to him. All I heard was his soft breathing and his heartbeat. I ended up falling asleep.

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