Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


22. Sorry

I woke up on the trampoline with a pillow and blanket. I looked around and the lads were sleeping all around me. I smiled. Zayn was right behind me. I was still a bit scared of him..... His arm was around me. I tried to scoot away from him but I couldnt move anymore because Liam was right there. I sat up slowly and I tried to scoot away but Zayn grabbed my arm 
"what are you doing love?" Zayn asked. 
Since I was still scared of him I couldnt speak. 
"erm n-n-nothing.." I said laying back down. 
He looked hurt. He must know im scared of him. 
"im sorry love... I tried to tell you but the lads were around..i didnt want them to know..." Zayn said looking in my eyes. I knew he wasnt telling a lie.
I hugged him. 
"why did you do it Zayn?" I asked hugging him.
"my anger took over my sorry" zayn said.
"its fine... What were you mad about?" I asked.
"my girlfriend cheated on me.." Zayn said.
"awh im sorry" I said.
"its cool..."
"Well shes missing out big time..." 
"Thanks...haha....I love you" 
"I love you toooo" 
we both smiled. we started leaning in towards each other. No Madison no.... My phone started ringing as soon as our noses touched. Thank you whoever is calling... I looked at the caller ID. It was a private number. Eh. I ignored it.
"So want to learn more about each other?" Zayn asked.
"Sure" I said.
"So a few weeks ago, the lads and I heard you talking to Harry and you sid your dad left you in the middle of nowhere... can you tell me about that?" Zayn asked.
I sighed. 
" night my dad came home pretty late, he was really drunk. And he started yelling at me to get in his car. so i did and he drove me to the middle of nowhere and kicked me out of the car and drove away... leaving me in the middle of nowhere...alone.." I said biting my lip, holding back tears. 
His face looked sad. 
"Im sorry....." Zayn said.
He hugged me. I hugged him back, finally letting the tears out. I started crying on his back.
"OH MY GOSH! MADISON WHATS WRONG?!" Niall yelled waking the lads up. 
"N-Nothing.." I said.
I grabbed the blanket and put it over my shoulder. I jumped off the trampoline and walked inside slowly. I walked up to my room. I fed Squirt real quick and then I laid in my bed. I started thinking about how Louis and I could be twins...weird to think of... I couldnt take it anymore! I got my phone out and called my dad.
"PUMPKIN!" My dad yelled.
"Hi dadddyyy!" I said.
"Whats up?" My dad asked
"Erm whos my twin?..." I asked.
"Well I suppose youre old enough for me to tell you who your mum, little sister, and twin is..." My dad said.
"Can you tell me who my twin is first?" I asked
"Sure.... your twin is......" 




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