Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


30. Shoe store

All we heard was camera flashes and "NIALL ARE YOU DATING LOUIS TOMLINSONS TWIN?!" 
We tried to avoid them but they were being really annoying. I looked at Nicole. I could tell she was about to snap. She had her fists clinched. I put my free arm over her. She looked at me.
"Calm down.." I mouthed.
She took deep breathes.
"Sorry I'm just not used to it." Nicole said.
"I'm not either haha this is my third time haha" I said.
"Sorry guys, I forgot about paparazzi" Niall said. 
"It's fine" Nicole and I said at the same time. 
"Hey is that LiLi over there?" I asked.
"Guess there's only one way to find out..." Nicole said smirking at me.
I smirked knowing her plan.
"What is it?" Niall asked.
"You'll find out.." I said.
He looked worried.
"Don't worry love" I said.
I looked at Nicole.
"Ready?" I asked.
She nodded smiling.
"LIAMMMMMM!!!" Nicole and I yelled.
We all turned around and looked at the guy out of the corner of our eyes. 
He turned around and looked around. 
"LILIIIII" I yelled. I ran up to him. I jumped on him and hugged him. 
"Um who are you?" He asked
"Erm madison.." I said.
"OH HI MADISON!!!" Liam said.
I laughed and hugged him.
"Hi Daddyyyyyy" I said.
"I'm you're dad? I thought I was your brother..." Liam said.
"You're my brother that acts like my daddy.." I said.
"OH! Okay haha" Liam said.
I laughed.
"So whatcha doin here?" I asked.
"Just looking around with Louis, Harry and Zayn what about you?" Liam said.
"Same as you but with Nicole and Niall... WAIT! Where's my other bros at?" I asked
"I don't know, I lost them" Liam said.
"Want me to get Niall and Nicole to help look?" I asked
"Please?" Liam asked
"Haha alright um can you carry me over to them? I'm comfy haha" I asked.
He nodded. I smiled and put my head on his shoulder.  He walked over to them. I looked over his shoulder at them. 
"Hi.." I said.
Nicole gave me a 'omg are you dating him' look. 
I shook my head fast. 
"He's my bro/daddy" I whispered to Nicole. 
"Psh I so knew that" Nicole said.
"You'll always be my wifey thoughhhhh" I said.
She laughed. 
"Well duh I can't be replaced!" She said. 
We both laughed. I totally forgot about Liam and Niall I looked back. They were having their own conversation. I got off of Liam and walked over to Nicole.
"Wanna run away?" I whispered.
She nodded her head fast.
I smirked. We walked away slowly. We started running around the mall. We ran into a shoe store. We were looking at shoes. 
I was looking at a pair of converse when someone picked me up and started kissing all over my head. I started laughing. I looked at the person and I saw Louis. 
"LOUBEAR!" I yelled.
"SISSYYYY" Louis yelled. 
I hugged him tightly. He laughed.
"Hmm did someone miss me?" Louis asked. 
"Duhhhh" I said laughing. 
He laughed.
"So you like those pair of converse?" Louis asked.
"Yah they're flipping awesome!" I yelled. He covered my mouth. I have him a death glare.
"That doesn't scare me anymore..." Louis said. 
I licked his hand. He quickly pulled his hand away.
"EWWW" Louis said.
I laughed.
"Oh yah where's Harry and Zayn?" I asked.
He pointed to them. I smirked
"Shhh" I said putting my finger up to my lips. He nodded.
I snuck up to them.
"I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!" I yelled.
"Want a picture or something?" Zayn asked not looking back.
"Rude much!" I mumbled. "YESH" I said.
I took my phone out and went on camera. I walked up to them. They were still looking at shoes. They both put their head against mine and smiled. Can't believe they didn't notice yet. They looked at the screen. 
"Madison?" Harry asked.
"You guys took for fucking ever to realized!" I said.
"You suck!" Zayn said.
"Aye, you were being cranky..." I mumbled. 
"What?" Zayn asked. 
"Nothing!" I said
"Tell me!" Zayn said.
"Noooo!!!" I said
He did the face he did before when he did what he did.. I started getting worried. He started walking towards me. I put my arms over my face and turned around. He put his arms around me and started kissing all around my head like Louis did before. 
"Ewwwww" I said laughing. 
Then out of nowhere Louis and Harry held me down with Zayn and started kissing all over my head with Zayn. Then they started tickling me too. I started laughing really hard. 
"Guys I c-cant br-breathe" I said while laughing. 
I still kept laughing really loud. "NIALL! LIAM!! COME HERE!!!" Louis yelled.
They walked over really slowly. I still couldn't stop laughing. 
"What are you doing to her?" Liam asked.
"Tickling her.." Harry said. 
Liam smirked. He walked over and started tickling me and kissing all over my head. 
"Omg I- I ca-can't br-breat-breathe" I said laughing really loud.
Niall walked over smirking.
"Nooooooo!!!!" I said laughing. 
He started kissing all over my head and would sometimes peck my lips real quick and then he started tickling me. I started laughing super hard. I tried to wiggle out of their grip but they were all too strong. I hugged Niall.
"Pwease Staphhhhh" I whispered.
"Hmm why should I?" Niall asked.
"I'll do anything!!!" I said doing the puppy dog face.
He groaned.
"Fine.." Niall said.
"Okay, lets stop the torture to her!" Niall said.
They all stopped. 
"Fine!" They all said. 
I looked up at Niall and smiled. He smiled back.
"Oh yeah, did you guys see where Nicole went?" I asked.
"I saw her running out the door crying but that's all, I tried to talk to her but she kept on running.." Liam said. 

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