Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


19. Phone call&Trampoline

I was turtle sitting Squirt since i found him at Nicoles house.

I was in my room sitting on my bed with Squirt sitting across from me. I was watching Squirt crawl slowly to me. 

~Ring Ring~ 

I looked at my phone sitting on my bed ringing.

I looked at caller ID. It was my dad.. I answered it.

"Hello?" I asked.

"BABY GIRL!" He yelled.

I giggled.

"So what did you want?" I asked

"Well um I saw pictures of you and Louis Tomlinson the other day.." My dad said.

"erm and?" I asked.

"Well..are you guys dating?" 

"I honestly dont have a clue.. im pretty not for sure...why?"

"Dont ever date him please.... im only doing whats best for my little girl"

"WHY CANT I?!" I yelled. I realized i yelled.

"Sorry....why cant I?" I asked.

"Trust me...Just...dont.." My dad said. 

"But why?" 

"Im not allowed to tell..." 

"Why not?!" 

"I promised your mum...."

I felt my a tear forming.

"Real quick..Why arent I allowed to know my mum or my twin?" I asked.

"I dont even know where they live and everything..if i did i would let you try to meet them.."


"Its true baby girl...anyway just stay in the friend zone with Louis...Okay?" 


"Thanks.. bye love you.." 

"Love you too muah" I said hanging up.

I sighed and tossed my phone to the side. I felt something on my legs. I jumped.

"Squirt! You scared me!" I said giggling.

Squirt kept crawling up my leg. I giggled and picked Squirt up. I carried him downstairs with me. I went to the kitchen and got a carrot. I turned on my heels and saw Liam walking towards me. 

"Hi LiLi" I said smiling.

He smiled.

"Hey Maddie" Liam said.

I set Squirt and my carrot down on the table and hugged Liam. It felt like forever since I hugged him. He hugged me back and after what felt like forever i pulled away. We smiled then he looked at the table.

"Awwww! That turtle is adorable!" Liam said looking at Squirt.

"oh yeah i havent showed you Squirt yet...LiLi meet Squirt. Squirt meet LiLi" I said smiling.

Liam smiled.

"Can I hold Squirt?" Liam asked.

"Of course" I said smiling.

He picked Squirt up gently. 

"Awwww!" Liam said.

I smiled at how cute he was with Squirt.

I took a picture of Liam and Squirt when he wasnt paying attention. 

I posted it on Twitter.

"AWWWWWHHH Lili and Baby Squirt :3 (: @Real_Liam_Payne xxxxx"

I put as the caption. His phone went off. He took his phone out while holding Squirt in one hand. 

"Who can that be?" He asked Squirt. I giggled.  He looked at his phone. 

"Madison!!!" Liam said looking at me.

I giggled.

"Youre welcome LiLi" I said smiling big.

He gave me a look. I laughed. 

"Hey LiLi?" I asked.

"Yeah Maddie?" He asked.

"Does Louis and I look alike?" I asked sitting on the stool.

"Actually...yeah.." Liam said sitting down next to me with Squirt in his hands.

"Oh gosh.." I mumbled hopping Liam didnt hear me.

"Whats wrong?" Liam asked.

"Its just....Louis and I act and look the same and we have the same past basically..." I said looking down.

"What do you mean by same past?"

"I mean Louis' parents got divorced when he was a baby and his mum took him and he never met his dad or his twin sister...and my parents got divorced when i was a baby but my dad took me and i never met my mum or my twin brother.." I said looking down.

"Do you think we could for real?" I asked looking at Liam.

"I dont know..But youre blonde and hes brunette.." Liam said.

"I was naturally brunette but i dyed my hair blonde..." I said.

"Oh... well I really dont know...Has your dad ever tell you something?" Liam asked.

"No...He always changes the subject or come up with a lame excuse..Like today when he called me." 

"What did he say?"

"He told me to never date Louis and to stay in the friend zone with him... and when i asked why he just kept saying trust me. And when I asked about my mum and My twin brother he said I dont know much about them anymore.. and then i asked why i havent been able to meet them and he said he doesnt know where they live and if he did i would be able to go visit but honestly i think he knows...." 

"Oh....well he could be saying that so you dont you know leave him for your mum and your twin?" Liam shrugged.

I shrugged.

"Guess we'll never know..." I said looking down.

"oh yeah...Liam if you want you can hang with Squirt today haha you seem to really love him.. haha" I said smiling.

He smiled big

"Really?!" He asked smiling really big.

"Yah of course." I said smiling.

"THANK YOU!" Liam said putting Squirt down and running over to me and hugging me tightly.

I laughed and hugged him back. He tightened the hug so it was bone crushing.

"too......tight...." I managed to get out. 

"Oh sorry" Liam said pulling away. I laughed. 

"LOVE YOUUU" Liam yelled kissing my cheek. I giggled and blushed.

"Love you toooo" I said smiling.

"Oh yeah wheres the lads?" I asked.

"Trampoline" Liam said.


He nodded. 

"Will you come outside with meeee? Pweaseeee" I asked doing the puppy dog face.

He looked away. I put my finger on his chin and turned his head so he was looking at me. I did the puppy dog face again

"Pweaseee LiLi" I asked doing the puppy dog face.

"Fineee" Liam said. I smiled and hugged him.

"What about Squirt?" Liam asked.

I picked up Squirt and brought him to my room. I put him in his tank thing. I ran back downstairs and grabbed Liams arm pulling him outside. 


Liam and I ran to the trampoline.we took our shoes off and jumped on. Harry had his back turned so he didnt see me get on. I sneaked up behind him. I jumped on his back. He jumped.


I laughed. 

"sowwwyyy" I said hugging him.

He laughed.

"Jumpppp" I said playing with his curls.

"Finee" Harry said.

He started jumping high, I couldnt stop laughing. He stopped jumping and just stood on the side.

I started playing with his curls again. Goodness i loved playing with his curls... I was zoned out to his curls until i felt two warm arms around my waist. I saw Niall picking me up. I laughed. He laid me down on the trampoline. He started tickling me. Damn... I was VERY ticklish. I was laughing till i was out of breath. 

"Niall...staphhh" I said laughing. Then Liam and Zayn held down my arms and legs. Harry, Louis, and Niall started tickling me at the same time. I laughed harder. 

"Guyssss!! Staph!!!!!!!!" I yelled laughing. 

They all started laughing because when someone tickles me, I laugh weird. 

I couldnt stop laughing though. I squirmed around.

"Please staphhhhh!!" I yelled laughing harder and harder. 

"Fine..." Harry said. They all let go. My sides hurt so bad.

I laid down and held my stomach. They all looked at me weird.

"Ticklish I see" Zayn said laughing.

"Yah...I laugh really, really, REALLY weird and stupid when someone tickles me as you guys just heard" I said blushing.

"Nah.. Its cute" Niall said smiling. The lads agreed with him. I blushed BIG TIME.

"Oh yeah, Madison werent you a cheerleader?" Harry asked me.

"Yah..wait how did you know?" I asked.

"I went to the same school as you before." Harry said.

"Oh... well yah Ive been a cheerleader since I was a little girl" I said shrugging.

"So you know how to do flips and everything right?" Harry asked.


"Can you teach me how to do a front flip and back flip?" Harry asked doing the puppy dog face

"Of course... wait on trampoline or ground?" I asked.

"Trampoline" Harry said.

"okayyyy" I said getting up.


"Yeah.." Harry said.

I facepalmed myself.

"I never knew... haha anyways what you do is you jump for a while until youre high enough then you just rotate yourself." I say 

He looked confused

"Here let me show you, follow my lead okay?" I said.

 We both started jumping and when we were high enough, I did a flip and landed it.

"Now you" I said.

He tried to do a flip but failed. 

I laughed.

"Youll get there.." I said.

After about 2 hours of teaching the lads how to do front flips and back flips on and off the trampoline, we all just laid on the trampoline. I couldnt help myself but I drifted off to sleep on the trampoline.

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