Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


12. Movie Night

In this chapter, Harrys going to get all flirty and stuff to Madison. Youre welcome Madison (from the comment :p )



Madisons P.O.V.



I was into the movie and laughing with Niall, that i didnt notice that Harry had his arm around me.

"Does anyone want popcorn?" Harry asked.

The lads all said yeah, but i said no.  Harry rubbed my shoulder and got up. Thats when i noticed he had his arm around me. I smiled and blushed. I crossed my legs.

6 minutes later Harry came back with 3 bowls of popcorn. He gave a bowl to Louis, Liam, and Zayn to share. Then he gave a bowl to Niall and then he sat down and put one on his lap.

"Sure you dont want any?" Harry asked.

"Yeah but thanks anyway..." I said.

"I thought you ate a lot like me!" Niall said.

"Eh" I said.

Harry put his arm around me. I got nervous.

"Ermm I'll be back.." I said getting up fast. I ran to the restroom.


I heard and laughed.

"Wait... I need a pad...." I said to myself. I ran upstairs to my room. I ran to my closet. I had a bag full of stuff like that. I was looking for that bag. "found it!" I said. I looked through it and grabbed a pad. I walked out of my closet and stopped in my tracks.

Harry was standing in my room looking at the pictures on my wall. I hid the pad behind my back and walked out.

"Ahem" I said.

He jumped and turned around.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Oh just looking at the um pictures" Harry said.

"Oh.." I said.

He nodded.

"So why did you run away?" Harry asked.

"I didnt.. I have to erm... lady problems..." I said.

"OHHHH" He said.

 I nodded and laughed.

He hugged me and kissed my cheek.

"Lets goooo" Harry said.

"I have to go to the restroom and take care of my lady problem" I laughed.

"Fineeee ill be downstairsssss" Harry said. He ran downstairs and I ran to the restroom and changed.

I ran downstairs. I sat down where i was before. Harry put his arm around me. I smiled and leaned against him.

"OOOOOOOOOOO HARRY WANTS SOME!!!!!!!!!" Louis yelled.

"what?" Niall asked.

"HARRY HAS A NONER!!!!!!!" Louis yelled.

I looked and laughed. Harrys face when totally red.

"Awh" I said.

I kissed his cheek. He blushed even more.

I laughed.


After the movie was over, I said goodnight to all the lads and went up to my room. I sat in my chair and listened to music through my headphones with the lights off. I was sitting in there for about one hour when someone walked in.

It was Harry. He sat on my bed by the chair.

"Hey harebear"  I said taking my headphones off.

"Hey love" Harry said.

"Whats up?" I asked.

"Erm i just came to see if you were sleeping yet..." Harry said.

"Ohhh" I said.

"What song were you listening to?"

"The Other Side"

"By Jason Derulo?"


"Ohhh I love that song"

"Me toooo" I said smiling.

"you should play it" Harry said smiling.

"Ohkkkk" I said.

I unplugged my headphones and restarted the song. We both started singing and dancing and everything.

After the song, I was getting pretty tired. 

"Harry, Im going to change real quick!" I said getting up from my chair.

"Alright, is it cool if i listen to some songs on your phone?" Harry asked.

"Sure" I said smiling. 

He smiled.

I ran to my closet. I got out a superman shirt and superman shorts. 

I changed in my closet real quick. Then I ran out and sat on my chair.

Harry was listening to Glowing.

"You like this song?" Harry asked me. 

"Duhhhh" I say smiling. 

"Do you?" I asked.

He nodded. 

I smiled. 

 I laid on the bed next to Harry. We listened to about 23 songs before I fell asleep cuddled next to Harry. 

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