Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


1. kidnapped...




I was sitting in the park at noon.

I was wearing:


I was sitting on the swing singing along to Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. I have a really bad voice, well i think so anyway. Everyone that hears me sing thinks differently, i dont know why but oh well...

Then a car pulled up on the street next to me. They had their windows down and mustve heard me singing. They stopped. Out of no where, Zayn Malik from One Direction stepped out of the van. I gasped and stopped singing. I LOVED One Direction. I covered my mouth with my hand. He walked over to me.

"Was that you singing love?" Zayn asked.

I tried to speak but couldnt. So I nodded.

"You have an amazing voice love" Zayn said.

I covered my mouth.

"T-thanks..." I managed to get out.

"Its true love, how are you not a singer?" Zayn asked. I smiled and blushed.

He smiled.

"Want to meet up sometime?" Zayn asked.

"Sure" I whispered like. I couldnt talk normal yet.

"How about tonight at 9 here?" Zayn asked.

I smiled.

"Sure" I whispered a little louder. My voice was coming back.

"See you then beautiful" Zayn said.

He hugged me and walked back to his car and drove away. I blushed and smiled.


*Later that night*


I changed to this:

I walked back to the park it was 9:00.

I sat on the swing.

Someone came behind me, i turned around and they were dressed in all black and had their face covered. They looked like they were going to walk around me but they came behind me and grabbed my head, they stuck a rag in my mouth.

"Dont breathe madison..." I told myself.

"Come on breathe already!" They said. It was a guy...

I couldnt help myself, i took a breath. I saw all black..


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