Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


27. At the waterpark part 2 & Truth Or Dare

"What we're you saying?" I asked Niall
"Oh nothing.." Niall said
I frowned. Louis walked over to us. 
"MADDDIEEE" Louis yelled hugging me. I laughed.
He started spinning me around. 
I couldn't stop laughing. He started running towards a slide with me over his shoulder. He put me down on the slide he sat behind me and pushed us down.
"Now what was that for LouBear?" I asked laughing.
"Don't fall for Niall... Trust me..." Louis said.
I sighed.
"Lou, I know you're trying to protect me and stuff but I can't help if I fall for him or not....the heart wants what the heart wants" I said shrugging.
He sighed and we dropped out before he could say anything. I got up and walked over to Harry. I sat down next to him.
"Harebear?" I asked.
"Yeah?" Harry asked. 
I cuddled in his chest.
"Why doesn't Louis want me to date any of you guys? Not that I want to.. I see you guys as brothers..." I said not counting Niall.
"Because he knows he can't have you.." Harry said.
I looked up at him confused.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"He used to like you a lot" Harry said.
I froze.
"That's awkward to hear now haha" I laughed awkwardly.
Harry chuckled. 
"Well want to go on a slide?" Harry asked.
I nodded and got up.
We walked to a slide but there was a line.
"Harebear, you're my best friend right?" I asked.
"Of course!" Harry said.
"So I can tell you anything?" I asked
"Anything you want!" Harry said.
"Well erm I think I like Niall.." I said blushing.
"AWWW!" Harry said hugging me. 
I laughed. 

*3 hours later*

"You guys ready to go home?" Liam asked.
We all said yeah.
We all dried off and went to the car.
Liam was driving again and zayn was in the front. And Harry,Louis,Niall and I all squeezed in one row. 
I was playing tap tap again.
"Can I try again?" Louis asked. 
"Sure" I said. I put on Get By for him.
And this time he actually did good. He got 85% 
"Good job Lou!" I said hugging him.
"I'm awesome" Louis said.

*10 minutes later*

*Harrys p.o.v.* 

Niall, Madison, and Louis all fell asleep on each other.
I took a picture of them and tweeted it. 


*25 minutes later*

We arrived at the house. I shook them.
"Whatttt?" Madison asked still half asleep.
"We're home." I said.
Niall got out.
"I don't want to move..too comfy" madison said.
"Lazy ass.." I mumbled.
"What?" Madison asked.
"Nothing" I said
"He called you a lazy ass" Niall said walking inside.
Her eyes opened. She gave me a death look.
I ran inside. She started chasing after me.
"SEE IT WOKE YOU UP" I yelled hiding behind Liam.
She slapped me and walked upstairs.
"LIAM!!" I yelled.
"What?" Liam asked.
"You were suppose to not let her touch me.." I said.
"Wimp" Liam said. He walked away.
I groaned and walked upstairs.
We all changed out of our suits.
The lads and I all had just sweats on.
Madison was taking forever.
Guess she fell asleep. 
 We all started playing Truth Or Dare to pass up time. 


*Madisons P.O.V.*


I changed into a crop top with shorts on. I brushed my hair and walked downstairs. I went into the kitchen and looked for something to eat. I heard the lads talking in the Living Room.
"Zayn, you first" I heard Liam say.
"Hmmm Niall!" I heard Zayn say.
Just hearing his name makes me blush.
"Yeah?" Niall asked.
"Truth or dare?" Zayn asked.
"Dare" Niall said 
"I dare you to ask Madison out!" Zayn said. 
OMG... He knew I liked Niall... Grr...curse Zayn...
"Umm..." Niall said.
"We all know you like her!" Liam said.
"LIAM! I ONLY TOLD YOU!" Niall said.
I could hear Liam hit himself. I held back my laugh. 
"Go ask her out mate, she really likes you too, I can tell" Harry said. 
"She's probably sleeping though.." Niall said.
"Go check, if she is wait till tomorrow" Louis said.
"Umm fine.." Niall said.
"Shit..." I whispered.
I snuck upstairs and turned off my light and sat in my chair. I put my headphones in and started listening to music.  Someone opened the door a little but I shrugged it off. I unlocked my phone and switched the song to the other side. I started singing very quietly to the song. Then the door opened. I immediately stopped singing. Then someone walked over to me. I looked up at them. I couldn't tell who it was.
"Hey um Madison?" Niall asked.

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