Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


26. At the waterpark part 1

"WHAT?!" Louis yelled.
The lads were staring at us. I covered Louis' mouth.
"Shushh!" I said
"You like Niall?" Louis whispered.
I nodded.
"It doesn't matter anyway...he probably doesnt like me and if he did, I'm not 'allowed' to date him anyway..." I said looking down.
He was about to say something but Liam ran up. 
"Are we going...orrr?" Liam asked.
I nodded and walked inside the park slowly. 
"Want to go on a slide Madison?" Zayn asked.
I nodded. Zayn and I walked up to a slide. I walked pretty slow. 
"Hey Madison, is something wrong?" Zayn asked.
I shook my head.
"You sure? You're my best can tell me anything.." Zayn said looking in my eyes.
"Nothing's wrong, it's just I've been thinking.." I said.
"What about?" Zayn asked
"I think I like Niall..." I said blushing
"Aw!" Zayn said.
I shook my head laughing.
"OUR TURN!" Zayn yelled.
I laughed. He sat down and patted his lap. I sat down on his lap. We went down the slide. Zayn and I laughed the whole time. We dropped out at the bottom. We got out and walked over to the other lads. They must've went on a slide too. I looked at Niall. He looked so hot with his hair wet. I couldn't look away. Zayn must've noticed. He elbowed me. I looked at him. He winked. 
"Thank you..." I mouthed. He nodded. 
"Madison come on a slide with meee." Louis said.
I nodded. He ran up to me and grabbed my arm and pulled me to a slide.
 While we were waiting in line I started getting cold. I hugged Louis.
"Oh my god!!! You're so warm!!!" I said.
He laughed 
"C'mon our turnnn" Louis said. I laughed. He sat down. I sat on his lap.
"Omg Lou can we go to six flags soon?" I asked
"Sure haha" Louis said.
"Yayyy" I said clapping.
"You're acting like a little girl again hahaha" Louis said 
I laughed. Louis pushed us down. I was laughing the whole time again. 
We dropped out at the bottom.
Louis and I got out.
"I'll rave you to the lads" Louis said.
"Oh you're on.. Ready...steady....NO!" I yelled. 
We started running to the lads. We were almost to them and we were tied. He tripped over his own foot or something and stumbled a bit. I ran up to the lads and started laughing. 
Then Louis ran up.
"I Winn" I said laughing.
He gave me a look. I laughed and hugged him. 
"Imma go tannnnn!!" I yelled running away.
I ran To a chair and Laid down. I put my sunglasses on and laid on my stomach.
I was about to fall asleep when I heard flashes. I opened my eyes and saw paparazzi taking pictures. Wtf...
"Erm yah..." I said.
They started taking more pictures. Good thing i had sunglasses on.. 
I stood up and started walking away. But they kept following. I saw Liam and Harry. I walked up to them fast. 
"Hi Maddie" Liam and Harry said at the same time. I laughed.
They looked at the paparazzi and back at me.
"They've been following me around..." I said.
"Ohh..." Harry said.
"Yup..." I said.
"Wanna go on a slide" Liam asked
I nodded. 
"Can I get a piggy back ride LiLi?" I asked. He nodded. I jumped on his back.  I grabbed Harry's hand. 
"run LiLi! I have Harry's hand so he can keep up" I said. 
They nodded and started running. 
I kept laughing. We got to the slide and Louis,Niall, and Zayn was in the line. I got off of Liam's back. I snuck up behind Louis.
I jumped on his back.
He jumped and looked at me.
"Madison you scared the fuck out of me!" Louis said. I laughed.
"Good!" I said sticking my tongue out.
I got off of his back. 
"I'm coldddd" I said.
Niall hugged me from behind. I blushed. Zayn and Louis winked at me. I laughed. 
"I CALL GOING DOWN WITH MADISONNN!" Niall yelled. I laughed.
Niall sat down on the slide. I was about to sit behind him but he pulled me down on his lap. I blushed. Louis pushed us down. We saw the light from the bottom of the slide. Niall kissed my cheek then we dropped out. We got out and I was blushing non stop. 
We were talking While we were waiting for the lads
"Hey madison?" Niall asked
"Yah?" I asked
"Will you go-" Niall started but Louis dropped out before he could continue. 

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