Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


13. A/N

Okay so I have nothing against Zayn! My mate read it and she keeps texting me saying how mad she is at me for making Zayn seem like a jerk. But I dont have anything against him. I FLIPPIN LOVE HIM!!!! XD Btw sorry i havent been updating that much, ive been busy with housework and everything. i had to clean my closet today and it was really really really really messy so it took me 6 or 7 hours to clean it all... BUT IT WAS WORTH IT BECAUSE MY DAD IS GETTING ME AN IPHONE5!!!!!!!! :D SO THANKS FOR READINGGGG! I try to update more! :D Make sure you like, comment, and favourite :D xxxxxx

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