Kidnapped by One Direction

Yeah everyones dream is to be kidnapped by One Direction.... But Not Madisons... Will she try to escape to run back to her friends and family? Or will they turn out to be nice?


15. 4 W's and Mallllllll

Madisons p.o.v.



I had to tell Harry... I cant lie to my best friend....I was about to break out. He has never seen me cry before... This is going to be embarrassing.... 

"What do you mean?" Harry asked looking at me.

"That really happened..." I say tearing up.

"What really happened? Im confused...." Harry said.

Oh Harry.....

"DO I HAVE TO SPELL IT OUT FOR YOU?!" I snapped, "ZAYN R-A-P-E-D ME HARRY!!!!!" I yelled coldly.

He looked at me shocked.

"Im sorry Haz...." I whispered letting the tears out.

"What?! When?! Why?! Where?!" Harry asked. 

"The other day when you and the lads went to the studio..and I dont know... I was sleeping when he stormed in my room and threw me on the bed... He wouldnt stop yelling at me to shut up and he kept calling me a slut, whore, bitch and more...." I said covering my face so he wouldnt see me cry.

Harry rubbed circles on my back. 

"Love everything is alright" Harry whispered.

I hugged him and cried in his chest. He picked me up and carried me to the living room. He sat on the couch and laid me over his lap. I wrapped my arms around his neck and cried in his chest.

"P-P-Please dont tell anyone....and p-p-p-p-please d-dont talk to Z-Z-Z-Zayn about this..." I said in his chest.


"Dont...Please..." I said looking him in the eyes.

"Fine..." He finally gave in.

I half smiled.

He kissed my forehead. I fell asleep in his arms on the couch.


Harrys p.o.v.


I was playing with her hair on the couch when she fell asleep. I smiled and fell asleep a few minutes after her.


*A few hours later*


Madison and I were still sleeping on the couch when the lads walked in. 

"HARREH AND MADISON WAKE UP!!!" Louis yelled at us.

We both woke up.

"Whattttttttttt?" I said annoyed.

"Just a few more minutessss" Madison said rolling over.

Louis smirked and walked over to her.

"BLONDIE WAKE UP!!!" Louis yelled 

Madison screamed and fell off the couch. 

Niall, Liam, and I started laughing

"IM SORRYYYYYYYY!" Louis said picking her up.

He sat on the couch and put her on his lap and hugged her.

"I will never forgive you" Madison said crossing her arms and sitting up straight. I can tell she was trying not to laugh.


"Take me to the mall?" Madison said smiling big.

Louis sighed.

"If thats what it takes" Louis sighed.

She smiled 

"WE SHALL GOOOOO!!!!" Madison yelled jumping up.

"Babe...youre in your pjs..." I said laughing.

She looked down at her outfit.

"WE SHALL GO AFTER I CHANGEEEE!" She yelled running upstairs.

We all laughed.


Madisons p.o.v.


I ran upstairs to my room. I went in my closet and picked out my outfit:


I put some makeup on and bounced downstairs.

"WE SHALL GOOOO!" I yelled grabbing Louis' arm and pulling him to the car.

Louis sighed.

"HELP MEEEE" Louis yelled.

"NOPPPEEE!!! Have fun BooBear!!!!!" Harry yelled

I laughed. Louis and I got in the car. He drove to the mall.

*At the mall*

He stopped the car and we both got out. I jumped on his back. 

"Youre my pony" I said laughing.

He neighed and ran in the mall. I laughed and petted his head. 

"Good boy!" I said laughing.

He neighed again. I laughed. 

"Where shall we go love?" Louis asked.


"STARBUCKS HERE WE COME!" Louis yelled. 

He ran around the mall looking for starbucks.

"Ah there it is!" He said running into the starbucks.

*1 hour later* 


We've been to multiple stores and Louis said in order for him to buy me an outfit i had to model it .-. 


*4 hours later* 


"UGHHHHH CAN WE GO NOW?!?!" Louis asked.

"Fineeee" I said. 

we bought matching beanies and toms and outfits. 

"Lets go home Twinnn!" I said. 

Louis grabbed my hand and looked at me. I looked at our hands and smiled at him. 

He smiled. We walked out of the mall swinging our hands. We got to the car and put our bags in the trunk. We got in and Louis drove home.

*At the house* 


We got all our bags out the trunk and carried them inside.

I ran upstairs.

"How bad was it Louis?" Niall asked. 

"Horrible....and awesome at the same time." Louis said.

"How could shopping for 5 hours be awesome?" Liam asked.

"I got Madison to model the outfits" Louis says winking.

Their jaws dropped.


Louis winked and ran upstairs. I was putting my new stuff in my closet. He peeked his head in.

"Need help with anything?" Louis asked.

I jumped.

"You scared the shit out of me haha" I said laughing.

I waved my arm for him to come in. He walked in. 

"Whatcha doinggg?" Louis asked sitting on my bed.

"Nothin much, putting up my new stufffff, what bout youuu?" I asked.

"Just hangin around" Louis said.

I laughed and sat next to him on the bed.

We both laid down. We talked for a bit. After a while, I cuddled up to his chest and we both fell asleep.


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