Zayn and Kat got off to a hard start on their relationship with Kat not wanting to admit how she felt about Zayn, but when she did they both fell hard for on an other and now they think everything is perfect, but will the road be as smooth as they think? Read to find out


3. Why didnt you tell her?

Zayn and his family have spent the whole day getting to know each other, his family seemed really sweet and they all wanted to get to know me too which was nice. Zayn's little sisters are the cutest things ever Waliyha is the oldest after Doniya and Safaa is the youngest.

Seeing the way Zayn gets on with his little sister is making me fall in love with him all over again, if that's even possible, I know now that Zayn can be gentle with other people that aren't me.

Zayn's mum and dad look so happy and proud of Zayn like they just want to run about screaming 'this is my son' or something and it makes me happy, knowing that Zayn and his family can be together and can get to know each other all over again.

Doniya has still to tell her parents that she broke up with Zac and is now going out with Liam but I'm sure she'll get to it. They all look so happy and Zayn looks complete again.

Safaa is sitting on his knee and playing with his hair, while he smiles and tries to lift her up and get her to let go, while everyone laughs at the pair of them.

I'm honestly so glad that Zayn has his family, even if I cant have mine, I know one day my family will come back and we will all get alone again, just like Zayn and his family.

"Babe we should go, this is about to close" Zayn says sitting Safaa on her own seat and getting up

"Yeah ok" I say smiling and standing beside him

Zayn's parents got up and hugged us both at the same time, Safaa ran up hugging Zayn goodbye followed by Waliyha.

"Zayn, we are all moving, just five minutes away form here, so we can all live close, we don't ever want to go even a week withut seeing you now" Zayn's dad said hugging him again.

"And thank you so much for making this all possible" His mum said coming over and hugging me

"I'm just glad I could bring you all together again, I know how much Zayn has missed you all" I answered hugging her back

Zayn smiled and wrapped his arm around my waist

"Doniya are you coming with us or are you going home with mum and dad?" Zayn asked Doniya 2

"I'll come with you" Doniya said

"Oh Doniya say hi to Zac for us will you?" Zayn's mother asked

"Umm well umm, mum I'm not actually with Zac any more" she said looking nervous

"Good" his mother said and everyone laughed

"What?" Doniya asked confused

"Well I never liked him anyway" Zayn's mother said

"What about Zayn then he left because of Zac and you didn't even like him" Doniya said, oh no this is it, things are going to get bad now.

"It doesn't matter now, we're all together" Zayn said smiling at everyone, his smile made my heart beat a million miles a minutes.

"Bye Zayn" his mother said hugging him one last time

"Bye mum" he said hugging her back

"Bye Zayn" his little sisters said running up and hugging him at the same time

"Bye Zayn" His father said, being the last to hug him goodbye

"Bye Kat, thank you so much" his mum said again, thanking me

"Please stop thanking me, I'm glad I could help" I smiled

"Bye Kat" his little sister said doing the same thing to me as they did to Zayn

"Bye Kat" his father said and then we all walked out parting ways

Zayn drove Doniya home.

"Umm Doniya why didn't you tell mum about Zac and Liam?" Zayn asked

"Well I just didn't want her to go on a rant" Doniya explained

"Yeah but you and Liam are pretty serious, five months is a long time for your parents not knowing" Zayn said sounding annoyed at his sister, torn between sticking up for his sister or his best friend but making the right choice and sticking up for Liam, Doniya should have told her parents, especially because she talked to them and seen them every week.

"I know and I will I promise next time we meet up, Liam will come" she said and Zayn smiled

"Good" he said still smiling

We pulled up to our home and we all got out. Doniya going straight to Liam's room and Zayn and me going to watch a movie in the living room. It was weird that everyone was their rooms, they were normally out here.

Niall and Ashalee have growing really close and are seriously so cute together, Niall is talking about wanting to get married but everyone else thinks its too soon and so he hasn't made a move and Ashalee doesn't know about it.

Harry and Sarah are also really cute, Harry is talking about children but Sarah is saying she wants to be married first and it's too soon for that so Harry is being supportive and agreeing, doing what's best for her.

Louis and Eleanor are seriously cute together, I don't know why they aren't already married, they should be.

Liam and Doniya have been getting serious and everyone loves them as a couple.

I sat down beside Zayn on the sofa after putting growing ups two in and snuggled closer to his chest when the door knocked, I groaned knowing that one of us would have to answer it.

"I'll get it" Zayn said smiling and getting up, I smiled back

Zayn got up and answered the door and about thirty seconds later

"Kat come here a sec" he said

I walked over and he put his arm around my waist, I looked at who was standing at the door. Two police officers, I was really confused, has Zayn done something, has one of the boys, my family, what's going on?

"Hi, umm what's going on?" I asked

"Can we come in?" one of the officers asked

"Um sure" I said moving out of the way so they could come in

"You might want to sit down" the other officer said and I did as I was told, pulling Zayn down with me, I suddenly got very nervous as to what they could possible want.

"Well Kat umm, I'm so sorry but your parents and brother died this morning, in a car accident" they officer said, and all I could do was break down, I thought we would all be a family again one day, but now they are all gone and died.

"And they left a will" the other officer said, as if I care about a will

"What did they leave?" I asked hoping that they would leave something that me and Zayn could be happy with and have a life together.

"There's a letter" the officer said

"ok thanks" I said wanting them to leave now and as if on cue they did

"I'm so sorry Kat" Zayn said pulling me close, I wept on his shoulder

"I wanted to be a family again" I said when I had finally stopped crying

"I no baby, but we can have our own family and my family love you" he said but there was one part I was focused on

"Zayn did you say we could have our own family?" I asked not able to stop my smile.

"yeah" he said smiling


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