Zayn and Kat got off to a hard start on their relationship with Kat not wanting to admit how she felt about Zayn, but when she did they both fell hard for on an other and now they think everything is perfect, but will the road be as smooth as they think? Read to find out


7. Treat her right

We were all going to meet Zayn's parents in the small café at the end of the road in about half an hour and Liam was going to meet them too. We were also going to tell them that me and Zayn were getting married.

I was running around like a mad women trying to get ready, while Zayn who was already ready, watched at smirked at me.

"Why are you smirking?" I asked

"Your cute when your in a hurry" he replied smiling more

I ignored him and walked away finishing my outfit with a black scarf.

"Zayn I'm ready" I said walking over to him

"Come here" he said holding his hands out and gesturing for me to sit on his knee

I sat down on his lap and he wrapped his arms around me, he kissed my neck and my ear, back to my neck, making me moan a little and that only made him smile.

"We have time for a quickie" he said smiling

"No Zayn, later" I smiled trying to get off him but he wouldn't let me, he held me in place, and began to kiss me again.

I turned around kissing his lips and playing with his hair, causing him to moan.

"Baby, you drive me crazy" he said and I smiled

"You have the same effect on me" I replied

"I do not, you wont have a quickie with me" he said trying to sound upset, I laughed

"Cause we have to meet your parents" he smiled

"ZAYN WE'RE READY" Doniya called from downstairs

I went to get up again and again Zayn wouldn't let me

"Come on baby, we have to go" I said he finally released me after kissing me again

We all got into Zayn's car and drove to the café, his parents were already there as we walked in.

We sat at the table, his parents looked at Liam and smiled

"Who's this?" his mother asked still smiling

"Umm this is.. Um.. Liam, my boyfriend" Doniya said smiling

"Well hello Liam it's nice to meet you" his mother said shaking his hand

"It's nice to meet you too" He replied

"So how long have you been going out?" his father asked

"Five months now" Liam said smiling

"treat her right" he replied

"I will" Liam said smiling and hugging Doniya which made her smile

*Author note*

Hey guys




Read your so pretty when you cry

Sorry for not updating I've been really busy but here it is:))))

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