Zayn and Kat got off to a hard start on their relationship with Kat not wanting to admit how she felt about Zayn, but when she did they both fell hard for on an other and now they think everything is perfect, but will the road be as smooth as they think? Read to find out


9. stay with me

This chapter is a little dirty


"Zayn I'm going to work" I shouted as I ran downstairs and grabbed my keys

Zayn came running down after me

"Goodbye babe" he said and then kissed my forehead "I'll miss you" I laughed at him

"I'll miss you too" I kissed his lips, and wrapped my arms around his neck, he wrapped one arm around my waist and held my face in his other, stroking my cheek with his thumb, his tongue trailed across my bottom lip asking for entrance, and when I wouldn't grant it, he bit it lightly making me open my mouth so his tongue could slip in. My heart started to flutter as my hands messed up his hair.

"Baby jump" he said holding me

"I cant, I have work"

"Baby just jump" I did as I was told and jumped, my legs wrapping around his waist, while his hands now rested on my bum. He squeezed it, making me smile and then he began to walk up the stairs, still carrying me. 

He lay me on the bed on my back and then crawled on top of me, my both legs in-between his.

He kissed my neck and sucked, leaving bites and making me moan, I felt him smile as I moaned lightly and he began to suck harder and then run tongue over the marks making the pain go away.

He lay his head back and I began to suck his neck, doing the same thing, he also moaned and then smashed his lips on mine, lust and wanting in his eyes.

I was going to have to go to work later than I would have liked.

Zayn removed his shirt and lay on top of me again, kissing my lips, he lifted my shirt off and kissed down my stomach. His hands travelled to my back and he landed at my bra strap, I lifted my back up to make it easier for him and he smiled again, we were now left half naked. I began to open Zayn's jeans taking them off, he did the same to me, now both of us were laying here in only our underwear.

Zayn stared at my body and smiled, then he almost flung my knickers off, taking his own off too, He thrust inside me, each thrust getting faster and harder, he began to massage my breast

"Zayn" I moaned, making him smile

"Shh baby" he said, before we both reached our limit and he climbed off, both of us putting our clothes back on.

"Baby stay with me" he begged

"fine" I lay back down beside him and cuddled into him

*Author note*

Hey guys




Read your so pretty when you cry and that should be me :)))

How did you like the chapter, I might update twice today so keep reading

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