Zayn and Kat got off to a hard start on their relationship with Kat not wanting to admit how she felt about Zayn, but when she did they both fell hard for on an other and now they think everything is perfect, but will the road be as smooth as they think? Read to find out


8. my girl

"Zayn it's starting to rain" I said grabbing onto his arm and trying to hide a bit from the drops that were falling.

"Come on baby, we can go shopping another day" he replied running with me to find shelter.

He stopped in his tracks, grabbing my wrist and pulling me back to him, before I can speak his lips are pressed against mine, the space between us, no longer existing, he then pulled away.

"Out of all the places I've wanted to kiss you, I always knew it would be perfect in the rain" he smiled

I grabbed the back of his neck, pulling him closer to me again, needing to feel his lips on mine, I broke away this time

"It was"

I kissed him again, we were now both soaked and that made Zayn's white top see through, I couldn't help but stare at his body, no there was no six pack, no v, but he was still perfect to me, he had a muscular chest, he didn't need the pack or the v.

"Like what you see?" he asked grinning

"Very much"

Zayn then took of his back leather jacket and wrapped it around me, since I wasn't smart enough to bring my own.

"No one, not even the rain can touch my girl" he smiled, I laughed at his cheesiness

"What?" he asked still smiling

"Your just so cute when your cheesy" I kissed him again, before we both ran to his car and drove home

*Author note*

Hey guys




Read your so pretty when you cry and that should be me :)))

I hope you liked this chapter, sorry it was short

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