Zayn and Kat got off to a hard start on their relationship with Kat not wanting to admit how she felt about Zayn, but when she did they both fell hard for on an other and now they think everything is perfect, but will the road be as smooth as they think? Read to find out


10. and they call you bradford's bad boy

"Zayn come on we gotta go" Harry called, the boys were all going out while Louis and Zayn shopped for the wedding and the rest helped, the girls were also going to go out today and get all the bits and pieces we need.

"I don't wanna" he called back pulling me closer to him and cuddling me, we were both dressed, he just threw me back into bed and refused to let me leave, it was cute really but we had to get stuff done and to do that we would have to get up.

"Zayn I will throw water all over you if your not down here in 3 seconds" Louis screamed sounding serious and I laughed

"Come on baby, we both have to get up before the girls start on me"

"Kat get down here too we're going to be late" I heard Eleanor shout

"See baby we have to get up"  I told Zayn but he just acted like I never spoke and began to kiss around my neck.

I lay my head on his chest and closed my eyes, knowing Zayn was going to be stubborn and not get up.

Not 2 seconds later eight pairs of feet came running into the room jumping all over the bed

"We tried to play nice" Niall laughed

"Zayn I'm going to use all of your hair gel" Louis said running out of the room and into the bathroom, Zayn shot straight up following him. I took that as my chance to get up and get going, everyone had now gotten off the bed and began walking down stairs.

"Baby we're going to go" I called to Zayn

He came running down the stairs and kissed my cheek

"By baby" he smiled

"And they call you Bradford's bad boy" I laughed grabbing my keys and walking out the door with the other girls

"So where are we going first?" I asked Eleanor

"We could go look for cakes"


I drove us to this huge building Sarah suggested with white and pink flowers decorating the door and side of the building.

There was a cake sign on the top and it looked very fancy

"Oh I've been here before, when my cousin got married, we went shopping for a cake" Ashalee said

"It looks fancy" I replied feeling out of place

"Oh it is" Sarah laughed

We all walked inside and were greeted by a small man

"Hello ladies how may I help you?" he smiled

"Me and my friend here are getting married and we need cakes" Eleanor pointed from me to her letting the man know who needed the cakes

"Ok come through you can taste a few and pick what one you like" he bought us into a room filled with cakes, all shapes, sizes and colours.

We all sat down eating and tasting when I decided on a chocolate one with white icing the whole way around, chocolate flakes and icing, with chocolate figures.

El pick a sponge one with pink icing and all decorated in white and pink

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