Our moments

They say that if you close your eyes and imagine that you're about to crash you see the love of your life in the seat next to you. It was a cold day in december we were driving to Liam and Dani's house to celebrate an early christmas with the boys. I took her hand and squeezed it gently. Then it came out of nowhere. The big blue truck,That skidded and hit us from the left side her side. Right before it hit us she looked me in the eyes and mouthed I love you.All i can remember after that is that the car was upside down and i cried her name out but no response. I could hear the ambulances come and it all went black.


1. prologue

*Sophie's pov*

He took my hand  and smiled a little and teased me for being so excited. But i didn't care i was too happy in two hours we would be at Liam and Dani's house. And i could not wait to see Logans face when he opened our gift.He was such a lovely 4 year old i loved baby sitting him Liam and Dani were so lucky to have such a great kid . I hoped that mine and Niall's kids would be as nice and polite as little Logan.We had searched for the perfect gift for days. Then in a cute little shop i found it a little stuffed dog that looked just like Loki. Logan adored that dog so much it was his best friend.Niall pulled me out of my thoughts by squeezing my hand gently  i looked  at him and smiled soon we'll be a family i said to him and looked down on by belly only three weeks left then our babies will be here i said with a big smile on my face.

I can't wait he said and looked at me 

Me neither.

 Then i saw it  a little blue spot in the end of the road and it was coming towards us in a high speed.The big blue truck coming towards us i saw on the drivers face that he didn't control the truck anymore it was the road controllingit and it headead straight  towards us i cried out Niall turned the road and he saw the truck too but there was no way to turn the car or get out the way. the road was to slippery we were trapped.I saw my life flash in front of my eyes. I looked my husband, future father of my kids ,my best friend and the love of my life and mouthed I love you. And it all went black i could hear him scream my name but i couldn't make my mouth respond and i passed out 



A/N. well that was the first chapter sorry it was a little short hoped you enjoyed it please like favorite and comment but don't be to harsh it's my first fanfic :)xxx

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