Our moments

They say that if you close your eyes and imagine that you're about to crash you see the love of your life in the seat next to you. It was a cold day in december we were driving to Liam and Dani's house to celebrate an early christmas with the boys. I took her hand and squeezed it gently. Then it came out of nowhere. The big blue truck,That skidded and hit us from the left side her side. Right before it hit us she looked me in the eyes and mouthed I love you.All i can remember after that is that the car was upside down and i cried her name out but no response. I could hear the ambulances come and it all went black.


2. 1.Hospital

"Niall's pov"

I woke up in complet darkness I tried to open my eyes but they felt really heavy. I slowly opened them and saw a sleeping Liam sitting in a chair next to me.He looked so exhausted. I tried to open my mouth but it was very dry like i hadn't had a drink for days .I looked down i was covered in wires and tubes and connected to several machines But it didn't matter I was too tired to move any wayI just watched him for a couple of minutes.Then I heard a gasp from the door I turned my head an Danielle was standing in the doorstep.She smiled warmly at me she looked exhausted too she whispered good morning and went to get a nurse.When the nurse came she started to press things everywhere she woke up Liam. He went to the bed and rubbed his eyes a little with a worried expression on his face. when he saw that i was awake he looked relieved he greeted me good morning and kissed Dani on the cheek. then he went out to call the boys. Dani looked at me and asked do you need anything .Water i said in a very silent and  crumpled voice before she went I reached for her arm and Sophie was the only word leaving my mouth i looked a round the room like she was maybe hiding some corner or maybe she was outside in the waiting room coming in at any moment with a smile on her face and she would kiss me gently.Dani looked at me with tears in her eyes No i whispered No No No not my Sophie not my wife not my best friend no no no.I looked at Dani again with tears in my eyes she stroke my hand gently she's stable for now she said quietly .I let out a small sighs in relief there was still hope.i will get your water Liam wil be back soon she said and went through the door the nurse fluffed up my pillow an explained all the bottens on my bed and unhooked me from some of the wires and left now i was al alone I looked around the room it was a lot of flowers and stuffed animals it was a pretty big room with two big windows with blue curtains matching the blue wall.Liam stepped into the room with a beaker of water.Danis checking in on Soph he said quietly i thanked him drank some water when can i see her i asked looking up on Liam. He sat down when you get a little better he told me but there's always someone there with her don't worry.i really wanted to be there with her now but i understood that i had to wait .I tried to change subjekt instead  where's Logan i asked.He's with his grandparents a painful silence  lasted for a while after that the memory of a ecstatic Sophie so happy to find Logan the perfect gift that probably was lying on some high way now though i had only been up fo less then a half an hour i was exhausted I said goog night to Liam and fell asleep dreaming about Sophie running around on a field and i was chasing her she was laughing and ut when i caught her she turned in to this life less ragdoll  and started bleeding terribly and i couldn't help her i woke up screaming and sweaty by Liam shaking me.


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