The Days We'll Never Forget

5 very good looking guys move across the street from 5 best friends; Lacey, Karsyn, Melissa, Zoey and Rebecca. Will Alison; a neighbor and an old enemy from high school ruin their lives? Will there be love? Will friendships be broken? Will trust be shattered? Will lies be told? Will there be forgiveness? Will they end up happy?


2. Chapter 1: New Neighbors

(Authors Note)
Sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes. This is my first fan fiction! Sorry that the chapter is really short. I hope you enjoy!! Their are links to the outfits. But I don't know if they will work.


Lacey's POV

I drove up to the house I live in with my best friend Karsyn that my parents and her parents bought for us after we graduated. Our other good friends Zoey, Rebecca and Melissa live in the house right beside us.
The 5 houses across the street from us were for sale but about a month ago we saw some cute guys looking at them! I guess today is the the day they move in!! Their are moving trucks in each of the drive ways!
I pull into Karsyn and my driveway, grab my dance bag and run inside.
"Karsyn!" I yell as I shut the door. She didn't answer but I can hear the music for her dance routine so she's practicing.
I walk down stairs to the basement where we have a dance studio. Karsyn is right into her dance so she doesn't notice me. I scared the crap outta her when she saw me in the mirror on the wall.
"Guess What!?!" I ask
"what??" Karsyn answers catching her breath.
"The 5 hot guys that we saw looking at the houses across the street about a month ago are moving in today!!"

"We both should probably shower before we try to have a good conversation with them because we have been dancing all day!!" I laugh
"Good Idea, text Melissa,Zoey and Rebecca and tell them to come over and that we will be ready in 1 hour!!" Karsyn says
"Okay, let's go shower then score some cute boys!!" I said.
Then we both walked up to our rooms and went to shower.

Zoey's POV

I just pulled into the drive way of the house I share with 2 of my best friends when my phone beeped. It was a text from Lacey which said "Get to my house now with Rebecca and Melissa!! You guys are in trouble!! JK!! The door is open. Me and Karsyn are just showering will be down in an hour!! xxx"
I quickly texted back "Will do, I'm just got back from horseback riding! Just gonna shower. xxx"
With that I grabbed my horse back riding stuff and went inside. When I got inside I saw Melissa all sweaty on the couch, she probably just got back from football practice. Rebecca was in the kitchen getting a drink of water! She probably just finished one of her hardcore work outs in the mini gym we have in our basement
"Lacey wants as at her house now but her and Karsyn won't be ready for an hour so I'm gonna go shower! And by the way I can smell you guys from outside!! So i think you guys should shower too!! I laughed as I walked up stairs to my bathroom. Before I closed the door I heard Rebecca yell "Whatever. YA BUM. You smell worse then us!!" I just laughed then got in the shower.

Karsyn's POV

When I got out of the shower I walked into my large walk on closet to pick out an outfit. I decided on wearing a pair of white short shorts with a cute flowy pink tank top! For shoes I decided on borrowing Lacey's Grey pokadotted TOMS.
I could hear Melissa,Zoey and Rebecca laughing in the living room!!
Once I got changed, blow dried my hair and put some natural make-up on I went to Lacey's room to get the TOMS. When I walked in she was playing with her wavy hair. She was wearing a loose teal tank top a with a pair of black short shorts. (
"Hey, can I borrow your sandals with the black straps??" She asked me as she started to put on some natural make-up.
"As long as you let me borrow your grey pokadotted TOMS!?!" I replied
"Sure, I don't really care!" Lacey laughed
I went into her closet and grabbed the TOMS I wanted. Then went back to my room to grab Lacey my black sandals. She was in the hallway when I walked out of room. So I threw the shoes at her. Then we walked down the stairs to find Melissa,Zoey and Rebecca killing their selves laughing.

Rebecca's POV

Me, Zoey and Melissa were killing ourselves laughing when Lacey and Karsyn came downstairs. I was wearing a pair of light wash denim short shorts, a pair of Birkenstocks or Jesus shoes as Melissa calls them with a t-shirt that says "Run" on it because I'm a runner!
Melissa was wearing a pair of flip flops with dark wash short shorts and a t-shirt with dark blue, light blue and green lines on it.
Zoey was wearing a white t-shirt with the name of where she rides horses on it with a pair of orange short shorts and flip-flops

Lacey's POV

Me and Karsyn sat down in the living room an told them about the boys moving in across the street!!
"So, what are we going to say when we go over their?" asked Melissa
"We are just going to ask if they need any help! So let's go!!" Karsyn said.
We all got up and went outside and crossed the street.

Melissa's POV

We crossed the street and luckily the 5 guys were all standing on one of their lawns talking. We walked over.
"Hey, I'm Lacey! These are my friends Karsyn, Zoey, Rebecca and Melissa."
Lacey said pointing to us as she introduced us.
"Hi I'm Louis" said a boy with brown hair and blueish eyes said.
"Hi, I'm Harry!" said the boy with curly hair, green eyes and dimples. I think I'm in love!! He's sooo HOT too!
"Hi, I'm Zayn" said the boy with the poof style hair and deep brown eyes which broke me out of my thoughts.
"Hi, I'm Liam" said the boy that had brown short hair and brown eyes!!
"Hi, I'm Niall!" said the last one with blonde hair and ocean blue eyes! He has an irish accent. Well the rest of them have British accents.
"We were wondering if you needed any help?" Karsyn said.
"That would be great!" said the boys at the same time.


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