That One Girl

If I had to describe myself I guess I would use the word unique. I know, its a pretty weird word. Some people might use other words, awkward, sarcastic some might even say school whore but at the end of the day I'm just me, like any other human. But I guess I'm kind of different, because I'm not just anyone I'm a writer and I live in the wonderful story that is my life entitled "Lintley Guinivere - A Tragedy." There's always a girl that sits by herself at lunch, the one with the big hair, glasses, well I guess I'm that one girl. But that all changes when Louis Tomlinson decides to move into my life.



2. Problems

"Ugh," I groaned opening my locker and staring at my timetable, Social Education, which was basically the teachers excuse of a lesson for creeping us all out. Why did they even call it Social Education? I mean, it always turned into Sex For Dummies and me being me, had no interest in this. 

And then something else added to my lovely day, a camera flash. A couple of them actually and me being me, made the paper face. Zayn Malik, head of the year book committee, teachers love him and I had no idea why. He was what I liked to call Beef Jerky. Hah, get my joke? Savour it, they don't come round that often. But unfortunately, this beef jerky was my admirer. Yeah, I don't know how it turned out that way either. I wouldn't even believe me, my mother didn't believe me until I brought him home to help him with some homework.

"Hey Lint," he said wrapping an arm round my shoulders, "I've come across a bit of an issue,"

"Oh." Aren't I the best person ever? 

"Yeah its a pretty BIG issue," he said emphasising the big, "If you catch my drift."

"Oh yeah," I exclaimed nodding my head, "I totally catch your drift."

I'm not going to lie to you, I didn't catch his drift. I couldn't tell if he was trying to make some sexual innuendo that I was supposed to get or that he was having an actual issue, either way I couldn't care less. 

"So what about ditching class and coming to help me out with my problem?" he asked turning his head so that he was facing me and nudging my head to the side with his nose, any other girl might've found this cute but me, oh no. This is how animals treated each other especially...

"Horses." Oh fiddlesticks, did I just say that out loud? 

"Horses?" he chuckled, "You wanna go at it like horses?"

"Actually," I exclaimed ducking under his arms, "I've got class, can I help you with your problem after school?"

"Any times good for me," he chuckled kissing me on the cheek causing me to make yet another paper face, "Aw, you're just the cutest."

"Huh?" I asked after totally spacing out, thinking of the increasing bacteria lingering on my cheek, "Oh. Thanks. But I better go now!" 

And there was the climax of my awkward, didn't even say good bye to my own 'admirer' I just left heading for my locker. Why was I heading to my locker again? Oh yeah, books and school and stuff. Hm, fun. 

Now, I wasn't exactly the best people weaver and I was constantly knocking into people as I worked against the crowd to my locker as everyone headed to their classes. Oh fishfingers, I was going to be late now wasn't I? By the time I reached my locker the hall was empty, I stuck my head in taking a second to peek at my reflection in the mirror Bree insisted on keeping in my locker, but when I caught my reflection, paper face. 

"You know he was asking you to fuck him right?" 

I'm that one girl who is scared by everything, including voices that come out of nowhere so when I heard a voice come out of nowhere my hand flung up, flinging my locker door further back where it collided with someones nose.


My eyes widened as I realized who I hit, Louis Tomlinson. How had he managed to appear by my locker as well? Did he have a locker next to mine all this time? Had I been that oblivious I hadn't noticed him for all those years? Wait, how many years had he been at this school? Oh he's bleeding now! Oh man! Oh man? Really Lintley? Oh man was the best phrase you could think of?


"Uh... no?" I offered shrugging my shoulders continuing to stare at him.

"Then help me! Oh shit..." he mumbled realizing that his white shirt, that he had exchanged his soccer uniform for, was now stained with blood.

"Uhh," Do something! Come on mind think of something! What do you do to help someone you've only had one conversation with when they have a bleeding nose because you smashed a locker into their face. None of my books had covered this! None of the books that my mum gave me for my 16th birthday on "Social Etiquette" covered this. "Do you want me to take you to the nurse?"

Woo! Internal cheers! That was a good idea wasn't it? Taking him to the nurse. But where was the nurse? I had never had to go to the nurse even though I was such a disaster prone person but somehow I never ended up getting hurt. 

"Yes!" he shouted interrupting my train of thought, "Take me to the god damn nurse women! Ugh! Why the fuck was I assigned to you of all fucking..."

"How about we keep this PG?" I said making yet another paper face, "Less M rated horror movie, Just take my- Wait no, don't take my hand. Actually you know what? You're in pain, take my hand."

He reached up grabbing my hand , staining it with blood. Ew. I resisted the urge to crinkle up my face as I yanked him up, him stumbling slightly. 

"Won't you get in trouble for ditching class?" he asked cocking his head slightly as he pushed pass me, 

"Eh," I responded. Dear god. Eh? Really Lintley? Eh? There's these things called sentences and words Lintley.

"You always this awkward Lintley?" Aw no. I'm NEVER awkward Louis. Am I even allowed to address him by his name? 

"My friends call me Lint." I said. Wait- what? He didn't ask me that. He asked me if I was awkward. Right? Oh damn. 

"That's sort of gross," he chuckled trying to bleed out on me, 

"Says the one with the bleeding nose," Okay, that was a little bit mean. I could tell by the scoff that erupted from his mouth. Why do I sound so smart in my head and so stupid out loud...

"Says the one that caused it." 

"Got me there," Yes! Go Lintley! Starting to sound human now! Yes! 

We then approached a giant white door with light streaming out of it. It sort of looked like the door to heaven. Huh heaven. I'm sure I wouldn't be going there after almost making a guy bleed out.

He rushed in and was immediately tended to by the nurse. Her leading him into another room, I attempted to follow them, in pure guilt I swear, not because I cared. Pssh. After a good five or so minutes a nurse emerged from there ushering me over to her desk.

"Blood?" Blood. I just said blood. I meant to say 'What happened in there? Is he alright? Tell him I'm sorry!' but instead I just said blood. Great. 

"It's all gone dear," she chuckled, "You can calm down now! You look like a ghost!"

"Oh." I responded, mentally slapping myself.

"Yes, your boyfriend is perfectly fine."

"B-b-b-boyfriend...?" I stuttered my eyes widening. How did she figure that? I wasn't even close to him when we walked in. How...? Did I give anyone else that impression? Onlookers from classrooms? Would it get round? Oh crap! Eleanor would kill me!

"Yes!" she exclaimed oblivious to my obvious shock, "You guys look extremely cute together!"

"Aren't I supposed to tell you how he got his b-b-broken nose?" 

"Oh I know what you kids get up to these days love," Maybe I didn't like this lady so much... "You don't need to embarrass yourself by giving me all the dirty details."

That's when I erupted into a coughing fit sputtering everywhere. The look on her face told me everything, this unintelligent nurse finally figured out why I looked so as she put it... pale. 

"I-I-I'm so sorry!" ah, so it was her turn to stutter now.  

"Oi Oi Oi! Careful with my face, precious material here," Gosh what a Diva. I turned around to find Louis pushing away a nurse who was trying to get to his nose,

"Mr Tomlinson! We will need you signing this note so your mother knows that you-"

"Does it look like I care if my mother knows what I'm doing throughout the day?" he cut in, "Look, with all due respect Miss Lynn I would just prefer it if you let me go to class. It's stopped bleeding."

"Mr Tomlinson I would insist that-"

"Stop calling me that!" he snapped, "Just! Let me go to class."

When he finally got rid of her he paused, gosh was he really surprised that I was still here?

"I'm surprised you waited round,"

Nailed it! "I'm surprised you're still alive," 

"I still stand by what I said earlier," he chuckled, "That Zayn kid really wants to get in your pants."

"Get in my pants?" What the heck does that mean? Did he want to borrow my trackpants? Was his problem a fashion crisis? Fashion Crisis, men don't have fashion crisis. Unless they're gay, Zayn isn't gay, is he?

"No Zayn isn't gay," he chuckled, "He just wants to get some,"

"Get some?" Get some what? Pants?

"No he doesn't want to get some pants," he responded bluntly rolling his eyes in the process, "He wants to y'know, fuck you."

My eyes widened at his and then what do you know, another coughing fit and paper face.

"Huh, thought so," he said walking past me, leaving me in a coughing fit, "How about you pop over to my place tonight?"

"Why would I ever-" pause to cough. "Do that?"

"Because you don't want to get some pants," he responded, "And I'm pretty sure that you have a problem that I can solve."

"I don't have a problem," I spat, "You have a problem?" Oh bejeezus, was that the best I could come up with? What was this? 6th grade? Nah, that would be offensive to 6th graders.

"Yeah whatever Lint," he chuckled opening the door,

"My friends call me Lint," 

"Yeah," he said scrunching his eyebrows together, "So?"


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