The Ruby Ring

This story is a fantasy adventure about a girl called Penelope Anne. Who received a magical ruby ring for her bitrhday from her grandmother.


3. A message

The next morning Penny awoke to the sound of scratching, she peered out of the window to see a kitten scratching at her window. Penny opened the window and let the kitten inside. The kitten was black with one white paw and a white tail tip, it was very cute, and had a little note attached to its paw, the note read ‘My name is Twinkle and I’m here to give a message and to be a pet for Penny. The message is: Penny, go out of the sleeping room into the eating room from there turn right towards the woods, if you feel the outer wall of the eating room and you concentrate very hard you will find a door. Open this door and you will find what you need.’ Penny was confused at first but then she went into the eating room and had breakfast. After breakfast Penny felt much better, so she decided to follow the directions on the note. After feeling the wall for a while and trying to concentrate while Twinkle was mewing that she wanted breakfast too, she finally decided to just give Twinkle some breakfast and try again afterwards. She did so and then tried again this time she could concentrate properly and she ended up finding the door. But she didn’t know whether to go through or not. She thought for a while, hoping that the door wouldn’t disappear, then walked through the door to find herself standing in the middle of a room with lots of coloured glass windows.

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