The Ruby Ring

This story is a fantasy adventure about a girl called Penelope Anne. Who received a magical ruby ring for her bitrhday from her grandmother.


5. A decision

Many years later...


Penny was now a mother of 3 children, she and her family still lived in the little cottage but had built on to it to make room for the children. They were not poor anymore either because Penny’s husband worked in the mines and earned enough money for the whole family.

Penny still wore the ruby ring her grandmother had given her. In fact she never took it off.


One warm summer's afternoon Penny was at home sitting at the table watching over her children with her husband when she suddenly remembered the glass windows that she had found when she was a child. She told her husband that she had to go check something and if he could please keep watching over the children. He said he would and so Penny went into the room where they ate their meals and felt along the outside wall till she found the windows. These windows could not be seen if you didn't know where they are and if you didn't own a magical ruby ring. But since Penny both knew where they were and had a magical ruby ring she could see them and look through them.  But Penny did not know that her ruby ring was magical and could let her pass through the portals unharmed and to return to her own world again without any time passing in her world.  Penny stood with her hands on the windows for a while pondering about whether or not she should go through one of the portals.  Finally she made the decision that she would try to go through one of the portals.  She stepped forward as if going to run into the window, she had chosen the window through which you could see a beautiful palace surrounded by a hedge and garden.  But instead of bashing against the glass she passed through it as easily as if it was made of pure air.  

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