Forget Her.

You all know Niall Horan right? Well what you don't know, is he was in a horrifying car crash and for over a year, in a coma. He wakes up and finds that he will never remember anything past the day of the accident. Every night when he goes to sleep, he will forget all that happened that day. Can he still find love in his condition though? All odds point to no. Find out and read more!

PS xoxo you can also read my other fan fiction Insecurities Turn Brighter.


4. Word Exchanging

I don't know who this girl is, heck, I don't know who I am... But, she interests me. I don't know how. It's just, everything about her invites me in. Her looks, her smell, everything but her voice which I Haven't heard quite yet. I think.. Grrrr!! It pisses me off so much! If I could remember just one more thing it would be her. Her smile. Her eyes. Her hair. Her everything. I want her to be mine. But it'll never happen. I'll just wake up everyday to someone saying 'oh yeah, you where in a car crash and can't remember anything ever again. Btw, u have a wife and kid!' It just doesn't happen. I'm as good as dead. I'll never have a proper life. I'll look in the mirror when I'm 70 and expect to see a 19 year old boy staring back at me. But the worst thing is still her. Not remembering her dimples. She got up out of her bed and came over to sit in the chair next to me. She stroked my cheek once again. 'Whats it like?' She asked me. 'Excuse me?' I asked in shock that she spoke to me. To anyone. 'What's it like not remembering anything?' A tear slipped my eye. 'Crap.' I simpley answered. 'Why don't you talk to anyone?' I asked her curious. 'Because your the person I have spent the most time with ever. Everyone saw me and. Well, ran I guess. I'm not exactly what people would call beautiful' she laughed. 'Dont say that. You are beautiful. Not even I can forget that.

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