Forget Her.

You all know Niall Horan right? Well what you don't know, is he was in a horrifying car crash and for over a year, in a coma. He wakes up and finds that he will never remember anything past the day of the accident. Every night when he goes to sleep, he will forget all that happened that day. Can he still find love in his condition though? All odds point to no. Find out and read more!

PS xoxo you can also read my other fan fiction Insecurities Turn Brighter.



Harry's POV

niall was getting released today and due to wake up and minute. We where still deciding to make him forget this ever happened or to keep going how we are. 'Look, lads, he's not living. And until he starts to look older, we really should just give him the life he should have had before this horse shit started.' All the guys nodded when I said that. 'But, we'll be lying to him for practically the rest of his life. Doesn't that seem wrong?' Louis said. 'Yeah, but so is making him mourn his life he will never get back every single day of his life!' This conversation was getting intense. That's when the girl came and poked her head around the corner 'excuse me.' She said ever so softly. Everyone just kept arguing. 'Excuse Me!!' She said a little more loudly. Then she finally got impatient. 'EXCUSE ME!!!' Everyone paused and looked at her. 'Oh. Hi.' Everyone said. Or something like that but different. 'Can I please say something?' She asked in her original quiet voice which we where stunned at. We've never actually heard it before now. 'Sure. Go ahead sweetheart.' I said. 'Ummm. What if you let him choose. I mean, if he wants t remember, he will. And if he doesn't, he won't remember it anyway and so just see which way he takes more lightly. It's not about you guys you know.' She said before walking away. That's when Niall woke up. 'Where am I? What happened? Guys?' Blaaaaa. Here we go again.

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