Forget Her.

You all know Niall Horan right? Well what you don't know, is he was in a horrifying car crash and for over a year, in a coma. He wakes up and finds that he will never remember anything past the day of the accident. Every night when he goes to sleep, he will forget all that happened that day. Can he still find love in his condition though? All odds point to no. Find out and read more!

PS xoxo you can also read my other fan fiction Insecurities Turn Brighter.


8. Failed Attempt #1

Zayns POV

Knowone dared to speak. No one dared to breath. This was it. Any minute now, Niall will wake up, notice he is in his bed like any other morning, and then remember nothing. I don't know if we can keep this up, but it's better than breaking his heart every day. Me, Harry, Louis and Liam where all downstairs when we heard a thump followed by another indicating foot steps. Niall's up. Great. Note the sarcasm. The thumps got louder an louder as he came closer. He came down and went straight to the fridge. Good old Niall. Never change. 'Do we have any leftovers?' He asked yawning. 'Na mate. You'll have to make something.' Liam answered him. Good. This is going well. 'I swore I had left over Nandos. It was right here yesterday.' He added. We all stiffened up and looked alarmingly at each other. 'Nope. Never.' Louis added. Niall looked at us strangely. 'I can tell when your lying. YOU ATE IT DIDN'T YOU?!?! WHAT KIND OF MAN TAKES ANOTHER MANS FOOD?!?!' He was getting angry now. 'No Niall! It's not what it looks like!' Harry persuaded. 'Then explain!' Niall ordered stomping his foot like a child. 'Niall, we never had left over Nandos. It was probably a dream.' I added trying to ease him. He was not eased. 'So you did eat it.' He said disappointed. 'Niall, look! We didn't eat your frighten food! It was mouldy because it was from years ago and you dot know because you where in a frighten coma!!!' I yelled covering my mouth straight away. Shit. Everyone looked at me. Especially Niall. He stared right into my soul. Damn. Not this. I just got up and walked into my room. At least he won't remember this tomorow.

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