Forget Her.

You all know Niall Horan right? Well what you don't know, is he was in a horrifying car crash and for over a year, in a coma. He wakes up and finds that he will never remember anything past the day of the accident. Every night when he goes to sleep, he will forget all that happened that day. Can he still find love in his condition though? All odds point to no. Find out and read more!

PS xoxo you can also read my other fan fiction Insecurities Turn Brighter.


7. Authors Note

Authors Note 

Sorry its not an update, but I need help!

anyone who comments how to help will get a shout out. Same as anyone who favourites and likes (but then u gotta comment that u did)

i have the biggest case of writers block. Please please please help me! I don't think I can write anymore. But I will happily happily happily shout out.

xoxoxo miki -<3-

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