Forget Her.

You all know Niall Horan right? Well what you don't know, is he was in a horrifying car crash and for over a year, in a coma. He wakes up and finds that he will never remember anything past the day of the accident. Every night when he goes to sleep, he will forget all that happened that day. Can he still find love in his condition though? All odds point to no. Find out and read more!

PS xoxo you can also read my other fan fiction Insecurities Turn Brighter.


2. A Wake Up Call

I woke up to the sound of repetitive high pitched beeping. I absolutely freaked out. 'Where the hell am I?' I screamed. Then I looked around and found Harry, Louis, El, a baby who I don't know, Zayn and Liam all in tears. 'Guys, why am I here? What happened? Who's that baby that El's holding?' They all just stared at me blankly. 'Do we really have to go though this again?' Louis asked Liam. 'You know we do.' They all looked really sad. 'Look Niall, you've been asleep for a while ok? You had a car accident with a drunk driver and went through the windscreen of your car. You actually woke up 2 days ago for the first time, but you won't remember that.' Liam said. What? I don't get this. I had a confused look on my face. 'Look Niall, you remember when we watched that movie, 50 First Dates?' Louis asked. I nodded slowly. 'Its kinda like that. Everytime you go to sleep, you will forget absolutely everything from that day. The last day you remember is the day before the accident. We have to tell you this everyday, cause tomorrow, you won't remember us.' Harry said trying not to cry. I pointed to the baby El's holding. 'And who's that?' I asked. El spoke to answer. 'Niall, this is Louis' and mine child, Savana. She's 13 months old today.' A tear slipped down my already wet cheek. 'How long was I asleep?' I asked.  '1 years and 10 months.' Zayn answered. I looked at the door because I couldn't bare to look at anyone's face. That's when I saw someone at the door. They where leaning against the door frame and looking right into my eyes. She had blonde hair and it looked like a burnt face with a big white bandage covering half of it. He wouldn't be what some people would call beautiful, but I bet that's only because if her injury. She was pushing one of those wheely things around with the water stuff un the bags. We stared at each other for about 2 minutes straight, not talking, hardly breathing. Then someone pushing a cart full of hospital food walked past and blocked our view of each other. And when the cart was gone, so was she. 'Guys, who was that?' I asked confused. They all turned their heads in confusion. 'It must have been her' Zayn stated. All the guys nodded in agreement. 'Wait wait wait... Who?' I asked. 'She been standing at the door and just staring at you everyday that you've been asleep. It's kinda freaky, but you don't wanna say anything cause apparently she hasn't got long.' I stared at the door where she stood not too long ago. For the rest of the day I was playing with Savana and catching up with everyone. I got an awful lot of gift from fans which made me feel supper special but I kept wondering more about that girl. When everyone was asleep, I got up and started to walk down the hospital hall to find her. I nearly gave up searching, but then I turned around to head back to my room. There she was. The girl. We looked in each others eyes and I kept opening my mouth to say something. She reached her hand up to my face and stroked my cheek. 'Ssshhhhh' she whispered to me before running away from me. I ran to chase her, but when I turned the corner, she was gone. That's when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around in shock to see El and Savana. 'Wht the hell are you doing?!?! Get back in your bed!' She screamed at me. I turned back around and looked at the spot that we where just standing. Where my heart skipped a beat. I kept staring at that one place while El was pulling me back. That's when I saw her delicate head come around the corner only slightly enough so I saw half her face and body. I turned around to tell El as fast as I could. 'Stop! Wait! I gotta...' I turned my head back around and she was gone again. 'Never mind.' She walked me back to my room an I fell asleep.

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