radio rebel

im just a girl. a girl that doesn't put up her hand because shes too scared if she gets it wrong the one that sits at the back of the room. im also a radio host. but no one knows. when one direction gets invited to my radio show. what will happen

based on the movie radio rebel but with a few different things in them.

hope you like xxx freya


2. school


Cleo's POV

ok my names actually Cleopatra, my family is egyptain but me,  my friend and family call me Cleo.  honestly i hate school i do get picked on a bit but oh well. im VERY shy and i dont like it but i can only talk to one person andy its a girl no let me rephrase that shes a girl. so heres school. stay cool stay at the back dont stand out thats all thats going through my head at the moment . sometimes being shy can really suck such as not able to talk to people. first period maths second english third drama fourth science fith sport sixth sport seven philosophy. great sucky day except sport but are you kidding me philosophy, maths and english thats just messed up. dramas ok but the teacher can really get on your nerve but he does have a hilourous nickname but its a bit rude so im not bothered to say it. so im going to my locker but honestly i dont know why cause i lost the key a ong time ago but i guess its just to blend in. oh yes i just remeber that i have music. SCORE. let her go, what a great song. 'cleo cleo cleo get back here' oh crap my mum, actually im thinking a few worse words the crap. 'what do you want mum' i say very annoyed 'i want to give you your fairy bread you forgort it on the counter' duh that was on purpose and now im making a statement everyones looking crap crap crap CRAP CRAP 'bye mum get outta here your making a statement' i say getting really annoyed but before she could say anything i run away crashing andy. thank god its not someone else 'watch it or me and oh hi cleo' she says completely forgetting what had just happend 'watch it or me and go on' i say really wanting to know what she was meant to say if it wasn't me 'oh nothing dont worry oh no class in 1 lets go you have geo first right?' 'no sorry stupid maths it could possibly be the worst subject but anyhow mrs lasgana (nickname of my maths teacher) will be mad as you know from last year' oh yea my earphones better get those before the tools of the school steel them. anyway geometery sucks mrs lasagna over here wont stop talking in third person 'mrs laswagray gets out her protractor' here she goes again. english was ok we got to read a book for the whole lesson and that means that i cant stand out. the rest of the day went really quickly to the point of dinner. dinner spinach, broccoli  Brussels sprouts and eggplant in a soup. can my life get any worse? so after dinner i just simply hopped in the shower for 30 mins as you do then went to my bed. and have all of this repeated tomorrow. 

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