Dark Shadows

A young man sets out to find an item, with this item he shall be able to beat the shadow! But this is not the only adventure he shall have, will his past catch him?


1. The crusade starts!


It had been a long time coming, there campaign was stretching far across the globe. 
I recently though was alerted they would march directly across are small country village. No where to go, no one to save us we all where to face an unstoppable death. 

Chapter one- 

It was happening now! The small, undisturbed village I called home was about to be delivered a quick death. 
I watched from the meadows as most had evacuated why some chose to die where they were born. 

The sight was gruesome, the invaders did not have a casualty not even a mere scratch. There thick amour was as black as night and harder then the earth it's self. I was too busy paying attention to the village I did not see my young sister slip away......

It was too late she had ran down to the village, but why? Her teddy was the reason he was muffled in the dirt. There she grabbed it, but before she could return she fell to the ground with a knife cracking through her ribs all you could here was the cold high pitched scream of another innocent soul slipping away......

                                * * * 

I bent down to her white boney body tears sobbing down my face. The battle was finished, the village was burnt to crisps. We had nothing no food no water. I buried my sister lifeless body and set on my way to find a place to call home. 

I knew where I must go and what I must do, I had to search for the ones who could provide me with the knowledge to stop this unstoppable force. They knew all there was to know about the land and who and what was on it, there power could crush anyone or thing that stood in there way. They went by the title of the "spirits" but there was one problem. Where to find them....

All I had taken from my burnt down village was my fathers hunting bow that had been handed down from his fathers ancestors. It was made by vague wood  a mysterious tree that would only ever grow on the 5th elighment of the moon and the seven stars when they all shinned on the Aztec creasent stone. It had pure gold plateing witch covered the front of the bow, it had elvish writing on the gold plates and the string was bright white it was handed down in the frosty mountains  royal family. 


I made my dessicion i would head to the royal family in the frosty mountains, where maybe they could help me as a friend to my ancestors....

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