My Step Brother *Sequel*

Sequel to my first movella My Step Brother :D
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10. You're Not Crazy...



I go on and on about Rene'e, but, you know...she was the first girl I ever loved and I would of done just about anything for her, just to touch her again. If I could have one more moment with her...only time I still see her is in my dreams and I hate waking up.


Emily reminded me of her, though a lot and I loved Emily more than anything, she has taken away some of the pain, but not all of it. I think she knows, but she isn't going to say anything about it.


I laid with Emily in bed and watched her as she stared back at me and smiled her beautiful smile. "You're perfect." I drew from my lips and she lightly closed her eyes and opened them back up and stared back with her blue eyes. "You are, too. But I wish I could take all your pain away." she replied. I narrowed my eyes. "What are you talking about?" I asked trying to act stupid. "I have no pain."


I looked away and down at my ring finger that once had Rene'e promise around it. The promise of never leaving me, never hurting me, the promise of sticking together through the bad times and good. But I guess it was all for nothing, and maybe I'm saying this because I'm angry. And I'm angry with god for taking her from me so early. She was my best friend, my lover and everything I had been waiting foe and she was taken away from me so quick. Nothing has hit me so hard before, not even when my father divorced my mum. Not even then. Nothing compares to this pain that I will never get over.


Emily looked at me and grabbed my hand and held it. "Your wife. Your pain from her passing, you're still tore up about it, baby. But I think she would want you to let go, you know?" I teared up, because Rene'e told me before she died that she didn't want me to stay single. She wanted me to move on and be with someone. 


I wiped my eyes and felt Emily climb on top of me. I looked up and saw her smiling that familiar smile again and I couldn't help but turn my frown into one. It was always the smile that brought mine to my face. She leaned down and kissed me on my lips and I grabbed her tiny waist and held it as she deepened the kiss. This was going to be the first time I've had sex with Emily, so it is going to be a good memory I've made in awhile.




"So, how far are you?" I asked Grace as she sobbed and sniffled. I thought she'd be over the whole crying thing by now, but she was scared to tell her mum and dad. "Few weeks." I buried my face into my knees. "I'm sorry Grace." I replied fighting the massive sting of tears that threatened my eyes. "It's not your fault, Jake. It takes two to make a baby." I rubbed my temple and looked up. "Yeah, but I could control myself a bit more than I did." and I could of. I could of wore a condom, or even pull out, but those thoughts were not going through my head at that moment.


"Jake, don't beat yourself up about it, okay? We just need to worry about telling our mum and dad." I actually feared that thought, because my dad will actually kill me dead when he finds out. Literally, he will let Grace's dad beat the shit out of me and then my dad will finish it. Grace is safe, she is pregnant.


I'm gonna disappoint my dad, like always. I'll even disappoint my mum in heaven.


I'll just screw this up like everything else.




I laid in bed and thought about the fact that my mum is here, seems impossible, but reincarnation...? I thought that stuff was made up, but my mum came back as a girl who almost looks similar to her before, but named Emily. I couldn't process this...


Dad and Jake still didn't know, but I was wondering when she was going to tell them. They were the ones who know her and remember in as a real person. I only saw pictures of her and how beautiful she was back then. I looked up at the pictures of my parents I hung up not too long ago. She wasn't that person anymore, she wasn't Rene'e, if anything I was the new Rene'e. If I think about it, it makes sense. But mum was now Emily.


Now that she's here, I wanna make her proud, she never had a chance to be proud of me. She only knew me for a short time and I only knew here about the same.

I took out my phone and texted Cody


To: Cody Stiles<3

Do you believe in reincarnation? x

- D. Styles<3


I put my phone down and it buzzed as I did. Cody decided to call me instead of text me back. "Hello?" I answered. Cody laughed as he replied. "That question is random. Why in the hell are you asking me that?" he asked and I looked up at my ceiling. "Trying to know I'm not the only one..." Cody laughed again. "You're crazy baby. You're a crazy girl."


I sighed. I wasn't crazy...




3 hours later:




Emily and I got done over 2 hours ago and I have been laying here for 1 full hour holding a picture of Rene'e. It was strange to me, Emily moaned and responded the same way as Rene'e did. I'm not crazy, but since I noticed her responses the same as Rene'e, I started hitting the spots that spurred Rene'e on. It worked.


I mean, this had to be my mind screwing with me, because I think of Rene'e so much, right? I'm not crazy...I mean, Emily isn't Rene'


"Harry..." I heard a little voice coming from Emily. I dropped Rene'e's picture quickly and turned over. "Yeah, baby?" She rested her head on my chest and caressed it with her hand. "Thank you." I looked at her and narrowed my eyes. "For what baby?" she looked up. "For that beautiful memory we just made together." I ran my fingers through her hair and thought of how Rene'e used to cuddle up to me after we did this. How her blue eyes stared into mine and her long hair tickled my chest. How her lips would feather tiny kiss over it. How her fingers would trail up my side and gave me chills. Which still gave me chills thinking about it.


"You're welcome, my sweet Rene'e..." I smiled and I felt her lift up her head. I shot my eyes open realizing what I just said. Emily had wide eyes and she was up on her knees.


"Emily..." I tried to apologize...but I was lost for my words...



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