My Step Brother *Sequel*

Sequel to my first movella My Step Brother :D
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2. Our Angel In Heaven

Darcy's P.O.V.


I sat on my bed while I read Teen Vogue. I have them delivered to me every month, it's my favorite magazine. Ed Sheeran was playing on my iHome as I flipped through the pages of my magazine and I sang out loud.


"I sing fast, I know that all my shits cool. I will blast and I didn't go to Brit school..." my door opened interrupting me. It was daddy, he poked his head in the door and I immediately blushed. "Did you just cuss?" he asked with a smile. I grabbed my iHome remote quickly and turned down the song. I looked back at daddy and smiled "No" I replied. He shook his head and walked in and sat on my bed. "What are you reading?" he asked grabbing my magazine. "Teen Vogue. I'm just looking for my prom dress. Prom is in just a few weeks." daddy looked over at me. "And you're looking for a dress in Teen vogue? Aren't these expensive?" he asked holding up the magazine. I shrugged and giggled "It's not like we can't afford it, daddy." daddy raised his eyebrows and sighed and looked through the magazine one more time and gave it back. "prom. When did you get so old so fast?" I smiled as I took the magazine out of his hands. and sitting it down on my lap "I'm not that old, daddy." I looked up and noticed he was staring at me and smiling. "what?" I chuckled. He shook his head and smiled bigger "Nothing, you just look like your mum." I looked back down at the magazine and nodded. "Thanks daddy. I wish I knew her. She was so beautiful." I looked back up at daddy and he was looking doleful. He nodded "She was." he looked up at the ceiling and took a deep breath and then breathed out his mouth and then, with his head still tilted backward a bit, he looked down at the floor. "She was very, very beautiful." he paused for a moment and then looked back over at me. "She loved you. You were her miracle baby." I nodded. I knew the story about when I was born, we both almost died. We thankfully made it through.


"Yeah." I said and looked down and twiddled my thumbs. Sometimes I felt like it was my fault for her passing away. If only I wasn't born, she would still be alive today. Or at least, that's what I thought daddy and Jake thought about me. I knew they just wouldn't say anything to me. Daddy's hand hit my knee and he smiled "I think it's about time for me to go to bed, love." he smiled and got up. He made his way to my door, but turned around before walking out with a quizzical look. "Where is your brother, by the way?" "Still with Grace." I replied and he nodded and turned back around. My face scrunched up when he just turned around after nodding. "Wait, daddy," I called before he shut the door. He poked back in. "Yeah, babe?" I had to ask why he just walked off without calling Jake. "How come Jake gets to stay out this late on a date and I can't? If that was me, you'd be calling me right now telling me to get home." I said. Daddy shrugged and smiled "I guess because you're my little girl." I smiled and then replied, "Well so is Jake." Daddy gave me a straight face and tried not to smile "Okay, Darc. Goodnight sweetie. I love you." I giggled "Night daddy. Love you, too." and he shut the door.


A little while later I heard someone coming in downstairs and I assumed it was Jake. I walked to the end of the stairs and saw a head full of curls. I saw him hanging up his hoodie and walking to the bottom of the stairs. "Where have you been?" I asked him, he jumped as he heard my voice. He gasped and held his chest "Jesus, Darc, you scared the crap out of me. What are you doing up? Where's dad?" he asked me. "Daddy's in bed and I am not tired yet. Where have you been?" I asked him again. He walked up the stairs and met me at the top. "With Grace. We went to a movie." I crossed my arms and raised an eyebrow "For 5 hours?" I didn't believe that. He walked passed me as he replied. "And went to get ice cream." I turned around, I still didn't believe that was all. "And?" he stopped and I heard him scoff as he tilted his head back and turned. "What?" I gave him a stern look. "What else did you guys do?" "Darc, what's it matter? I'm your older brother. I should be asking you these questions. You know, vice versa?" I rolled my eyes "Ugh, I know what you were doing Jake. I won't tell dad. Just be careful, please?" I pleaded him. I know something like that would stress daddy out even more and he didn't need another baby around the house. Two was enough for him. "Darcy, I'm not that stupid. Plus dad and I had this talk already. So, goodnight." he said. I nodded and replied. "Goodnight. Love you." I uncrossed my arms and made my way to my room after I heard him say 'I love you' back.


I walked past daddy's room and heard him on the phone with someone. I heard him laugh and say something, but  I couldn't really make it out that well. I didn't think anything of it, he was always on the phone with someone new. He didn't get attached though, he said they weren't interesting enough for him. But I honestly think he just missed mum and didn't want to move on. But what do I know? I'm only 16.


I walked back in my room and shut the door. Taylor Swift's "I Knew You Were Trouble" was on and I danced to my bed while singing. "...Now I'm lying on the cold hard ground. Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhh, trouble, trouble, trouble,...." I laid down on my bed and still sung along. "...That you never loved me, or her, or anyone, or anything. Yeah, yeah, yeahhhhhhhhh." Jake opened my door and had a bleak look on his face. "Turn that song off! I hate it! And I'd do before you wake dad up, you know he can't stand Taylor Swift." I rolled my eyes and he shut the door. I turned off my iHome and went to my bathroom. I looked in the mirror and fixed my curly pony tail. I hated the fact that I got my daddy's curls. They were a pain in the arse to straighten, took me a whole hour, because of them and the thickness of my hair. I moved my bangs and then grabbed my toothbrush. I held it under the running water and grabbed my toothpaste and put it on my toothbrush and turned of the water until I needed it again. When I did, I heard Jake praying. I could hear everything in my bathroom because his room was right by it. 


"I've kept my promise, muma. I've been taking care of Darcy and myself. I still miss you, like everyday. We all do. It's harder on dad though. He can't move on, he's still in love with you. Everyone knows he is and I know it's gotta be hard for him being without you. I hope you can let him know that he'll be okay, because I can tell that he acts like he is, but deep down, he's not." Jake was talking to mummy in heaven. "Grace and I are doing good, too, muma. I know you'd like her if you were still here. I love her very much and she loves me." I should do this more often, I've never talked to mummy in heaven and I really should. She can still hear me and I was still her daughter. She still loved me. "Please watch over us, muma. I love and miss you very much." I felt tears sting my eyes as he finished. I walked back to the sink and continued brushing my teeth.


I walked out my bathroom and knelt down by my bed and folded my hands and closed my eyes and began talking to her. "Hi mummy, it's me, Darcy. I- I know I don't do this as much as Jake...well I guess I don't do it at all, and I apologize for that. I'm gonna start doing this more. Anyways, I wanted to get something off my chest. It- it's just, I feel like if I was the reason you left. If you didn't have me, you'd still be here and I know that daddy and Jake think the same thing. I am the reason you're gone," tears rolled down my face as I bowed my head and wiped them off my cheeks "I'm so sorry, mummy."



Harry's P.O.V.


I hung up the phone with Rachel, some girl who WASN'T going to take the place of Rene'e, no one really will. She was the first girl I've ever loved. I wish I could go back to the days when we first met and be nicer to her. I was a complete dick to her and made fun of her, because I thought I was so much cooler and better than her. I never thought back then that I'd fall in love with her. But I did and I couldn't go a day without seeing her beautiful face and smile. Now, I have to. I cannot breathe without her, the only thing keeping me alive is our kids. They are also keeping her alive, too, they are pieces of her, too. They both have something from her, Darcy looks more and more like her everyday...that kills me seeing her in Darc. Darcy was my beautiful baby girl, she was also out miracle baby. I'm glad I didn't lose her...I still don't understand why I had to lose Rene'e though. Jake has her accent still. I call him the 'Brit Hick'. He gets a kick out of it and I swear he's the only Brit I've seen with a country accent. Everyday I see and hear her through our babies.


I was taking life one day at a time now, though I felt like I wasn't going to make it to the next day sometimes. I was a single dad taking care of the worlds best teenagers. I think I was doing a pretty good job with them, they didn't get themselves into any trouble. They knew their places and responsibilities, I didn't have to tell them to do much anymore. Jake was almost 18 and Darcy was going to be 17 next year. They were growing up so fast and sometimes I wish I could just stop it sometimes. Jake had a girlfriend named Grace, she was a little blond girl with big blue eyes and Darcy didn't have a boyfriend, but she was constantly flirting with Rene'e's friend Ian's lad. I assumed they liked eachother, I didn't really want her to get a boyfriend, because I didn't want her to grow up too fast, but I knew it was going to happen one day. 


I found myself listening to two country songs these days, just because they were our songs. "Drunk On You" by Luke Bryan and "Take Me There" by Rascal Flatts. They just remind me of being out by the lake when we first got together in the summer. Those days when she lay between my legs and I'd lay my head on hers. I missed having my arms around her like I did back then. Those songs were always playing when we were out there. I could still smell the water and the way the air smelt, it was one of those hot days, but the wind was still blowing enough to keep us from bursting into flames. Our converse laying at the end of the bank as we looked out into the water. I remember complaining the first time she played those songs, she told me to suck it up and just listen. It was like those people stole the words right out of my mouth, because they explained us so well. I could of written them myself, they were that accurate. It's funny how I didn't like them back then, now they're all I listen to. It's funny how things like that happen. I missed her like crazy. I just wanted her back so bad.


But now, she was my angel looking over me.

Now she was protecting me.

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