My Step Brother *Sequel*

Sequel to my first movella My Step Brother :D
Check it out:


7. New Low

Harry's P.O.V.


Things To Do:

Fix Jake's wall. AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!


I stuck the to do list on the fridge and walked out of the kitchen and up to my bathroom to take a shower. I have Emily coming over to meet the kids tonight, she is planning on staying the night. I really want the kids to like her, I feel like they will.


I got out of the shower and heard my iPhone music playing on the iHome on the counter. "Love You 'Till The End" came on. That was mine and Rene'e's song. I smiled as I turned it down and whispered to myself and looked up, "I love you 'till the end, babe." I missed her so much.


I got dressed and went downstairs as I pulled my sleeves up. Darcy and Jake were making dinner and fighting, too. "Hey!!" I called out as I walked into the kitchen and pulled Darcy away from her brother. "What is going on??" I asked. "Jake is trying to convince me to already break it off with Cody." she said looking at Jake and giving him some dirty looks. I looked over at Jake and sighed. I know why he wanted her to, it was obvious. He didn't like what Edward did to his mum, I know. But like Darcy said, that's not Cody's fault. "I gave her permission to see him, Jake." I said.Jake looked up at me and frowned. "Dad, you know what his dad did." I nodded and closed my eyes and opened them back up. "Yes, I know. And I'm sure he's burning in hell for it! But like she said, that's not Cody's fault." Jake looked down and lowered his head, he didn't say anything. I patted Darcy on the shoulders.


"Go get ready love." I said and kissed the top of her head and then she went up the stairs. Jake stood there making the salad. I stared at him as I walked up to the counter and stared at him. He eventually looked up. "What?" I sighed "Wanna explain how that hole got in your wall?" He shook his head "No, not really dad." he said and continued making the salad. I frowned and watched him mix all the tomatoes and carrots in the salad. "What's going on with you these days? Where did this new found anger come from? I just wanna know so I can help you..."

"What if you can't, dad? You couldn't help muma...what make you think you can help me?"  When I heard Jacob say that, it kinda broke my heart. I never wanna hear my kids say something like that.


"I couldn't help your mother, Jake. She was dying...that's something we have no control over." he threw down the wood spoon and looked up at me. "You could of done something instead of sitting there and watched her die!" he snapped back. I leaned up and looked him right into his eyes. I could of sworn I was talking to the 18 year old me again. "Is this what it's about, Jake? Your mums death? Cause you never really spoke about it, and I know you remember it." Jake had tears in his eyes "No, it's about you, dad! You and giving Darcy permission to date that Stiles kid! Don't you care about her?" I knew that wasn't what this was about.


"Jake, that's not it." he cried harder as he looked the other way and turned his head so I couldn't see him crying. "W- why did she have to go, dad?" Jake said and he fell to the floor. I knelt beside him and comforted him. "Shhh..." I held Jake close to me and got tears in my eyes as I did. I buried my face in his curls and patted his back. "I remember being you the day she passed...I know."


Darcy's P.O.V.


I got dressed in my sundress and let down my curls that were held up in my pony tail. I had to look nice for my dads new "girlfriend" or whatever she was. I could honestly care less about her, she probably only wants him for his money. No one was going to replace my mum. I turned on my iHome and let it go on random, because I didn't know how I felt and didn't know what song to listen to right now.

"New Low" by Middle Class Rut came on.


That works.


I heard my phone start buzzing with Cody's text tone. I picked up and read:


From: Cody Stiles

'Looking at my baby, sleeping like a baby. Body so amazing, drive me crazy.

I'm about to wake you up, girl I wanna sex you up.' ;) <3

-Cody Stiles


I giggled as I replied:


To: Cody Stiles


Stop that! ;)

-D. Styles <3


I laid my phone back down and walked away giggling. I applied my eyeliner and mascara before my eye shadow. I then put on my lip gloss and rubbed my lips together and then curled my eyelashes. Then my phone buzzed again.


From: Cody Stiles

What kind of panties are you wearing? Or are you even wearing some? ;)

-Cody Stiles


"Oh my god!" I laughed out loud and then heard a knock on my door and exited out of the message. "Yeah?" I called out.

It was my dad "Come downstairs. Emily is here love." I nodded and smiled. "Got it daddy! Be there in a minute!" he shut my door and I replied to Cody's message.


To: Cody Stiles

You can't see yet x ;)

-D. Styles <3


He quickly replied to that one:


From: Cody Stiles

Yet? ;) When will you let me baby?

-Cody Stiles


I felt a lump in my throat and I didn't reply to it. I couldn't honestly...I put my phone in my little pocket and went downstairs to see this new girl.


I leaned on the doorframe of the living room and daddy turned around with a smile. "Darcy, meet Emily." she turned around and I gasped....


she's...she looks just like...oh my god...

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