My Step Brother *Sequel*

Sequel to my first movella My Step Brother :D
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9. Don't Let Me Go

Harry's P.O.V.


Today was the anniversary of Rene'e's death and I prepared myself for it, but I knew when I started counting it down, I knew today I wouldn't be able to hold it together.


Not even for my babies.


I heard Jake and Darcy downstairs with Emil laughing, they got along with her so well and that made me happy.

Emily reminded me so much of Rene'e, it's like...she was her...but I knew she wasn't. Rene'e was dead. She can't come back to me, never.


I sat on the bed and looked through our old photos. There was one of me, mum, Randy and Rene'e. Rene'e stood so far away from me in this photo, it was when she first moved in and we still "hated" eachother. Well, I should say, she hated me, I fell in love with her when I saw her, but I tried hiding and telling myself I didn't like her. I felt like, if I were to fall for her, I would ruin everything for my mum. I tried staying away from Rene'e, but I couldn't. She was irresistible.

That is why I acted like I hated her, that is why I made fun of her so much. Yes, I hate myself now because I did all that to her. I didn't know I'd ever lose her, and if I could go back I would. I'd tell her how beautiful she was when she walked into the door and into my life. I want to tell her how happy she actually made me and that she saved me from many things. I want to tell her she was the first girl I have ever loved and I won't love another like her. I want to thank her for giving me two beautiful babies and giving them life. But most of all, for giving me life.


I looked through more photos and one was our wedding photo, she was so beautiful in her wedding dress. Which still hung up in the closet. She wanted to give it to her first baby girl for her wedding.

I got up and opened the closet, and there it was, still in the clear plastic.


I took it off the rack and laid it on the bed. I removed the plastic and instantly smelt faded perfume, the one she always wore. I held it up to my nose and took it in more.

I sat down and lowered my head into it and began crying.


I wish she would come back, if there was anyway to bring back my whole life, I wish I knew how.



Darcy's P.O.V.


I went upstairs after watching a movie with Emily and Jake. I loved Emily and so did everyone else, even Cody. Dad loved her alot, and you could clearly see it. The only weird thing is that she looks like she could be my mother...I mean she looks like my real mother. Jake saw it, too. I knew dad saw it and I think that's why he finally moved on. Well, he didn't actually MOVE on, but he did somewhat. I was glad he wasn't depressed anymore.


I was sitting on my bed doing homework when Cody texted me.


From: Cody Stiles<3

Hey, babe. :)

-Cody Stiles


I smiled as I saw his name appear. I always smiled when I saw his name, no matter what the text was. It just made me automatically happy.


To: Cody Stiles<3

Hiiiiii babe x

-D. Styles <3


I knew I kinda shouldn't be dating Cody because of what his dad did to my mum, but you can't help who you love, right? I mean, you have to be with who make you happy and Cody makes me beyond freaking happy.

I got on my laptop and looked up Cody's dad and found out he was a musician. He was actually in an American Band called Two Directions.


Two Directions?...that sounded so familiar, like, I've heard that band before.


I narrowed my eyes as I got up from my bed and walked over to my closet and pulled out a box that my dad gave me of my mum's things. He felt like I needed them.

I looked through moving pictures and jewelry and a bunch of other stuff around. I felt a CD at the bottom and pulled it out. 


It was a Two Directions CD. My mum was a fan of Cody's dad's band. I mean, he wasn't a bad looking dude, but he was a bad dude.

I looked in it some more and there was a journal. I pulled it out and it was her handwriting, hers. There was pictures of her and daddy all over it and inside it. I started reading her words, this was her whole story.


September 23:

Dear Diary,

I swear, I've never felt this way about a boy before.

Harry is an ass, yes, but I really really like him.

At night I lay in bed and just think about our kiss the other night. For that moment, I felt like things were actually falling into place and that Holmes Chapel wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And so far, it's been good. I like Anne and Gemma and Gary and his friends. And yes, of course Harry. But I still have hate for him and he does for me, too. I wish I didn't hate him like I do, but if he wasn't such a douche I know things would be so different between us. I wish they were, all I want is to be with him. Yet he told me that he's falling for me, I still feel like I'm invisible to him  and I still feel like I'm just mindless dreaming.

How do you like someone so much that you've just met? Okay, maybe, just maybe, I love him.

No, I think I love him.


No, I do love him.


I smiled, I knew my parents hated eachother when they first met, well, mummy hated daddy. Daddy said he loved her.


I took out the photos and spread  them out on my floor. I wanted to hang them up on my bulletin board.


As I hung them up, there was a knock on my door. I turned and called out, "It's open." I looked back and stuck the thumb tack through the very last picture of mummy and daddy sticking their tongues out at the camera.

"Hey, got a minute, sweetie?" I heard Emily's voice and turned. "Of course." I smiled. She walked in and shut the door quietly. "What's up?" I asked. She sat down on my bed and smiled. She saw the pictures of my mum and dad. "Your mom?" she asked. I nodded and smiled. "Yeah, I didn't know her. Jake did, he told me she was so beautiful and sweet. She cared about her family more than anything." I sat down next to her. "It's kind of weird." I said narrowing my eyes. She cocked her head "What do you mean? Weird how?" I shrugged and chuckled softly. "I'm living her life." Emily looked away and then back "How do you know?"


I got up and picked up the journal and held it in my hands. "Her journal..." I smiled faintly at it. "My mum grew up without her mum around, she left her and my granddad when she was really young. I don't have my mum, I mean it's not the same, but you know. Her dad raised her, my dad has raised me since I was a baby." Emily widened her eyes and grabbed the journal. Emily frowned as she flipped through the book of my mum's life. She came to the rose my dad gave to her when they had their first date together. She picked it up and smiled as she smelled it. I narrowed my eyes at her.


"What are you doing?" I asked. Emily put the flower back and shut the journal. "Darcy, there is something I need to tell you. And you can't tell your brother or your dad. Not yet at least." she had asked me not to tell anyone...was she hiding something?

"Okay..." Emily fiddled with her fingers. "I'm..." she stopped and I continued to stare at her. "I'm your mother, baby."


I didn't say anything, because I honestly thought she was insane. "What do you mean you're my mother? That's impossible..." I kind of gotten upset at my dad and Emily, because I guess that would explain the resemblance between us. "My dad was faithful to my mum, Emily!" I said. She narrowed her eyes. "I know, Darc." she said.


Now, I am confused....what was she talking about???


"What? Are you high or drunk or something?" Emily shot her head back. "What? No, I'm not! I don't think you understand, honey..." I got up off my bed when she tried to reach over and hug me. "No, don't even touch me! You almost RUINED my family!" I snapped at her. Her eyes got big and she shook her head. "Darcy...listen..." I ignored her and kept trying to make her feel bad about this. "Why would you try to do something like that??" "Darc...please listen to me sweetie..." she was getting somewhat irritated with me, I could tell. "My daddy loved my mum. Then, some little floozy like you comes in and tries to destroy them!..." "DARCY! I'm your mother. I'm Rene'e..." I stopped and my stomach dropped. "What?"


Emily got up and held out her arms. "I'm your mother..." I stayed where I was. I was too shocked to even move. "H- how? How are you my actual mother?" she smiled and then giggled "You believe in reincarnation? You should look it up, babe."


Reincarnation? The thing that brings people back to life, but as someone or something else? I always believed in that kind of thing. Just like I believed in past life's. I believed in it all. I don't know why, I just did.


I felt tears sting my eyes and hit the corner of them. "Really, your my mother. Can I ask you a question only my mother would know? It's written in her journal." I grabbed the journal and looked through it. She nodded and smiled. "Of course."

I looked at the page I just read not too long ago. I looked up from it and smiled. "What did my mother say about my father in the entry on September 23, 2012?" she thought for a moment. "September 23? Let's see, I just moved that means your dad still hated me...ummm..." I brought the journal down lower and waited.


He smile got bigger "Oh, 'Yet he told me that he's falling for me, I still feel like I'm invisible to him  and I still feel like I'm just mindless dreaming.' I remember that entry well. That's when I first started falling for him." I dropped the journal and smiled. "Oh my god..." I couldn't believe it. "MUMMY!" I ran up to her and into her hands. "IT'S YOU!!! IT'S REALLY YOU!!!" She smiled and started getting tears in her eyes, as did I. She knelt down and pushed my hair behind my ears. "You look so much like me when I was your age." she said and I smiled. "I know. I'm glad I do." She chuckled and held my face. "Just don't tell your daddy and bubby, okay? I'll tell them when the time is right." "Why tell me now?" I asked. She smiled and her blue green eyes looked behind me and then right back at me. "Because, I never met you before and I thought you had the right to know first." I smiled.




My mum went downstairs and I walked to my dads door and was going to knock.

"I'll keep my eyes wide open.. I'll keep my arms wide open. Don't let me- Don't let me- don't let me go, because I'm tired of feelin' alone. Don't let me- Don't let me- don't let me go, because I'm tired of feelin' alone."

I went to the staircase and called my mum back upstairs.

When she did she knelt down and listened to my dad singing his song.

"I promised you one day I'll bring you back a star, I caught one and it burned a hole in my hand, oh. Seems like these days I watch you from afar just trying to make you understand. I'll keep my eyes wide open.."

I looked up at my mum who had tears in her eyes. "You think it's about you?" I asked. She smiled and nodded. "Yes, it is the anniversary of my death..."


I dipped my head.

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