My Step Brother *Sequel*

Sequel to my first movella My Step Brother :D
Check it out:


3. Can't Get You Off Of My Mind

Darcy's P.O.V.


I was sitting in choir class, it was 7th period and I was ready to get the hell out of school. But honestly, this was probably the class I looked forward to the most. I loved singing and performing in front of people, it was my passion.

Our teacher did row count and began class afterwards. We had a choir concert coming up and we always decided the songs we wanted to sing, but we always had to give a reason why we wanted to sing it. I never really spoke up, I was good with whatever we sang.

"Okay, girls..." Mr Swanson caught our attention. Mr Swanson was in his early 30's, not too old. He was pretty cool, but he got irritated with us fast. "what do you guys have in mind?" he asked us. Adrian raised her hand. Adrian was that girl that thought everyone liked her, but didn't. She was quite the little twit, I'd like to hit her just once. "Ooo! Mr. Swanson!! Mr. Swanson!! I have one!!" I rolled my eyes as she kept calling out. "Ugh..." I couldn't stand her.

"Yes, Adrian?" he picked her. "Okay, I think we should do 'Mama' by The Spice Girls for our mums." I scrunched up my face and looked back at her. "You know I don't have a mum, Adrian! You did that on purpose!" I accused her. She crossed her arms over her chest and pouted her lips. "Did what?" She snapped back at me. "You know I didn't know my mum." Mr. Swanson stopped us before anything happened, which I wasn't going to do anything. Daddy already told me to just ignore Adrian.


"Darcy, do you have a song in mind?" Mr. Swanson asked. I looked up and thought for a moment. I didn't really know of a song I wanted to sing. I knew many, but I just couldn't think of one. I was thinking about what Adrian had said about songs for our mums. At that moment, Little Mix's song 'Always Be Together' came into my head. That was my song to mummy, because I knew she would always be with me, no matter what.




I looked back up at Mr. Swanson and smiled. "Does anyone know the song 'Always Be Together' by Little Mix?" The girls all started expressing how much they loved that song and Little Mix. "Why that song, Darcy?" Mr. Swanson asked. I licked my lips and looked down at the floor and then smiled as I lifted my head back up. "It reminds me of my mum." Mr. Swanson smiled. I then heard Adrian, "Thought you didn't have a mum?" she asked. I rolled my eyes again and looked back at her. "If you ever heard the song, Adrian..." she cut me off. "I do know the song, Styles!"

"Good, then you should know that it's about someone being there for someone they love, even though they're not physically there for them. It's much better than me getting up there in front of my brother and dad and singing about my mum, when she hasn't been here all this time. I can't say that she never understood me, when she didn't even have the chance to." Other girls giggled as I talked back to Adrian and put her in her place. It's what she deserved.


Mr. Swanson nodded and then asked the girls to raise their hands if they wanted that song. I looked at the class to see who'd raise their hand. Almost everyone did, but Adrian of course didn't. I looked back at Mr. Swanson. "Better yet, why don't we do one for our dads, too?" I suggested. Mr. Swanson nodded and asked if I had one in mind, I just so happen did. I nodded and replied, "I think, 'Smash Into You' by Beyonce would be good. And if it's no bother, I'd like to audition for the solo in that song." He nodded once again and then Adrian butted in. "Me too. I want to audition for both." I looked back and then back again."Ugh! Then I do, too, Mr. Swanson. I think I can do it." 


Mr. Swanson had me and Adrian audition and a couple other girls, too. He makes the decision and tells us tomorrow.


I walked home and had my iPhone headphones in my ears. I was listening to "Pack Up" by Eliza Doolittle. "I get tired and upset, and I'm trying to care a little less..." I started twirling on the sidewalk as I watched my feet as I did. "I was told to dodge those issues, I was told don't worry there's no doubt. There's always something to cry about. When you're stuck in an angry crowd, they don't think what they say before they open their mouth..." I started skipping and twirling at the same time. "Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and bury them beneath the sea. I don't care what the people may say, what the people may say about me." Daddy was out side as I walked passed him on the patio and I didn't even see him sitting there. I took out my headphones as I walked up the stairs and sang to myself. "Hot topic, maybe I should drop it. It's a touchy subject..."

"And I like to tiptoe around the ship going down..." I jumped when I heard daddy's voice finishing the verse. I looked over and saw him smiling. I whimpered and held my heart and felt it beating fast. "Daddy, you scared the living crap out of me." he frowned "Well, fine. Could of let me down easy. Maybe I won't tell you you're beautiful anymore. How would you like that?" He joked. I smiled and shoved my headphones in my pocket. "What's up, daddy?" he took a drink of his ice tea and shrugged. "just waiting for you kids to get home. How was school?" he asked. "Amazing, actually! I auditioned for the choir concert!" he nodded "Oh yeah, what songs?"

"We are doing 'Always Be Together' for our mums and 'Smash Into You' for our daddy's." I smiled and nudged him. "Sounds awesome, baby. I can't wait." he leaned down and gave me a hug.


Jake's P.O.V.

I was going through dad's closet looking for a shirt to wear tonight for my date with my girlfriend Grace. He told me to pick whichever shirt I wanted. There was his old light blue polo on the shelf. I reached for it and pulled it down. When I did, a box fell down, too. It had my name on it. I thought about opening it, but I didn't know if I should or not, but it did have my name on it. So maybe I could? I debated on it for awhile.


I heard my dad coming in and he was on the phone. I knew he'd be coming in his room to talk to this girl he was on the phone with. I quickly grabbed the shirt and the box and ran to my room real fast. I shut his door and ran to my room. I heard my bare feet hitting the wood floor and I made my way to it. I was halfway in my room when dad called my name. I threw the box in my room and poked my head out. "You find a shirt?" my dad asked stopping at the top of the stairs. I nodded "Yeah. Thanks." He nodded and went to his room and shut the door. I breathed out.


That was super close!


I went to Darcy's room to tell her what I found. I knocked quietly on her door a few times. "Yeah?" I opened the door and saw her doing her homework. "Hey, you busy, Darc?" I asked. She looked up at me and shook her head. "It's just history. Nothing too important." She giggled and put her book down "Why? What's up?" I motioned her to come to my room.

She shut my door behind her and knelt down by the box. "What is it?" she asked. I shrugged and stared at it. "I don't know." I untapped the sides. Whatever it was, it was old.

I took off the lid and on the back of the lid read HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY JAKE!! I handed it to Darc and she looked at it and sat it down beside her. I looked through it.


There was a bunch of baby clothes and pacifiers and just a crap load of baby stuff. "What is all this stuff?" Darcy asked me. "I'm guessing it's just a bunch of my baby crap." I replied and found my baby book. I opened it up and a picture fell out. I picked it up as it laid on its front side. I turned it around and saw it was a picture of me and my mum on my first birthday. She was pregnant with Darcy at the time. I looked up at Darcy and held in my tears. She was still going through the other stuff. I slid the picture in my pocket and wiped my tears off my face. Darcy pulled something out and asked about it. I grabbed it and looked at it. It was a DVD of something.


I put the DVD in my DVD player and played it.

"Is this thing even working?" I saw my dad up close to the camera trying to get it to work. When he showed his entire face, Darc and I gasped. I looked so much like him, I mean, I knew I did...but not this much. "Rene'e, babe, come downstairs. We have to make a video for Jacob. We are the only one's who haven't yet." we saw dad look up the stairs and then walk back over. We then heard mum call back. I looked over at Darcy who kept her eyes on the tv and watched it closely. She was waiting for mum to come on the tv. "I'm here."Mum came down the stairs and walked to the camera and stood there smiling. "I just put Jake down.He's so tired form today." I looked back at Darcy and she smiled as she saw mum appear. "That's her..." she said. I nodded and smiled back at the tv. "Yeah, she was beautiful." I replied. Darcy choked up and tears began to fall. "I love her voice." she said. I chuckled through my tears and nodded again. "I got that from her. I love having two accents. Her voice was beautiful thought, I still remember it, perfectly. I still remember her singing to us."


We heard dads door open and we took out the DVD quickly and hid all the stuff under my bed. He knocked on my door and peeked in, "Hey, I'm going on a date as well, guys. So Darcy, you'll be by yourself tonight." She nodded.


Darcy left my room and I took the picture out of my pocket and sat it on my bed side table. I missed my mum so much. I missed her being so happy and I missed her holding me, like the way she was in the picture.


I loved how happy I looked being in them, too...

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