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3. Yahaira and Harry


Harry has been on tour for a year and you miss him so much. When somebody calls you to fly over so you can surprise Harry at an interview. After a long flight, you finally arrive. You are backstage at the interview and you can hear and see everything thats going on in the interview from the televison. 

Interviewer: "So Harry you and Yahaira have been going out for a while now right"
Harry: "for 3 years now yes"
You see how he nods and looks at his shoes for a minute you noticed alittle tear coming down from his eye.
Interview: "how is she"
Harry: "I dont know i havent seen her all year i really miss her" he said biting his lip
Interviewer: "why do you love her so much"
Harry: "there alot of reasons to love her she beautiful, sweet, caring, funny, i can go on forever and even though we havent been together for the year i know she still loves me" he said rubbing his eyes to hide the tears.
Interviewer: "well Harry what would you say if i told you Yahaira is back stage right now"
You walk up the little stair case from backstage onto the stage. When you see Harry his eyes go big. You ran up to jump in his arms. He holds you tightly
Harry: "I missed you so much baby"
You: "I missed you too Harry"
You stayed throughout the whole interview while siting on Harry lapwith his arms around you.

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