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13. Sarah and Niall (Sad)

You and Niall were driving on route 4, Laughing and Blasting Music. Niall looked at you and smiled and you saw a pair of Headlights "NIALL LOOK OUT" you screamed but it was to late you crashed and everything turned Black. 

you woke up to a cold white room. "oh good your awake" said the doctor "where Niall" you siad. the doctor turned to the nurses and looked down "im sorry ma'am but Mr Horan past away im terrible sorry for you lost" he siad as he left the room "NOOOOOO NIALLL PLEASE COME BACK" you screamed. the boys came in crying, Liam was trying to calm you down "its okay everything going to be okay" Liam whisper in you ear,
It is now Niall furnal and your crying a river, One Direction broke up what is One Direction without the carefree food loving Mofo. it was days and you were alone in your flat looking through all of Nialls stuff and you couldnt take it anymore, you ran to the bathroom, turned the hot water on, took out your razer and with 5 cuts going down you arms. you were dead in the bloodly water, and with a matter of days everyone was back to the grave to bury you and Niall together knowing your both happy looking over everyone



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