Personal Imagines. Want One. Comment Which Boy or Girl Can Be With Any Celberity You Want, :)


2. Nancy and Niall


You and Niall have been dating for a long time but recently you have gone through a rough patch in your life with Niall being away longer than he should have and you missed him like crazy. He's finally back and your going out tonight to a priviate dinner and Niall's acting a bit weird. "This isnt working out anymore" Niall says suddenly in the middle of dinner. You let the words sink in a bit "W-hat isnt working" you asked your heart began to race and your head was spinning "Us. like this" he siad shaking his head. Tears began to well up in your eyes "What are you saying Niall" You said biting your lip trying not to choke up, "Im saying I dont want you to be my girlfriend anymore Nancy" He pauses "Beoing away from youhas been horrible, its the worst I've ever felt and its only going to get worst with how busy I am and how busy im going to get..." Tears are streaming down your face and he looks up at your face "I dont want you to be my girlfriend anymore" he pauses "I want you to be my wife" he says as he pulls out the diamond ring. You blink in shock and he smiles. you get up to hug him and kiss him when you break away however you slap him across the head "that was the worst proposal ever....but of course im still going to marry you"

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