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12. Madison and Harry (Sad)

 you were home alone waiting for Harry to come home from work. You decied to go on twitter even though Harry hates it when you read the hate. You were xrolling through the messages 

Your Ugly
Your Fat 
Your Usless
You Dont Desreve Harry
Your Such A Whore 
Just Kill Yourself
You read every message thinking it is true, maybe their right. You and Harry have only been going out for a month, you just ended school which you were bullied at. You took a pen and paper and wrote something down and went into the bathroom.
-Harry Come Home-
"Madison Im Home" he yeld. bbut no answer. he walked into you bedroom and saw the laptop, he sighed to himself "Babe its not true any of it you are perfect just the way you are" he yelled. He walked up to the bathroom and banged on "Madison you okay" he said. but there was no answer. He open the door to a horrible sight "NO MADISON PLEASE BE JOKING" He yelled as he feel to the floor holding your lifeless pale body next to the pills you just swolled. He noticed the note on the sink 
Dear Harry,
im sorry i wasnt good enough for you or strong enough, im too weak to handle the hate, but please dont blame yourself I love you always i hope you find someone who can be strong enough for you, I always look after you 
Love Always, 
Harry fell apart after you death and shortly after your furnal Harry went to join you in Heaven and One Direction was no more without the cheeky flirty Mr Harry Styles

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