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15. Kristan and Louis (Sad)

You and Louis have been trying forever to get pregnant. After what seemed like the 1000th try. you were pregnant with a baby girl, you and Louis were very happy, you both decorated the room all pink and girly, you were 8 months pregnant aand you couldnt wait for the little one to come out. You, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie were going shopping for baby outfits. As you were walking up store, you felt and big kicked and as you were about to collapsed to the floor Eleanor caught you "are you okay Kris" Dani Said, you felt bleeding between your legs, you shook your head no and began to cry, Dani called 911 and Eleanor placed you ever so gently on the floor as Perrie called the boys to meet you at the hospital.

-At The Hosptal"
Louis came running in "is she okay" he said as he got teary eyes. "yea she in room 233" Dani said as she looked down" Louis walked into your room and hugged you "im so glad your alright" he said "how the baby" he siad, You began to cy "no" he said as he got choked up "im so sorry Louis its all my fault" you said "hey hey no its not these things happen okay if you want we can try again in a few weeks" he said as he sat next you comfting you


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