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4. Erin and Harry


 You're on the red carpet with your boyfriend Harry and the rest of the 1D boys. You're going to the BRIT awards with them since Harry wanted to show you off to the world. You've been dating for about 3 years now and Louis told you Harry had a surprise planned for you.

-After 1D wins the BRIT Award-

"I like to thank my family for being with me every step of the way, and simion for giving me a chance to live my dream but now i have other dream, a dream to have a family with the perfect girl in a nice oouse with a cat and little me's running around so i wiould like to call my girlfriend Erin onto the stage"  harry said,l you were shocked, happy, nervous all these emotions were going on your head you didnt even noticed you were on the stage infront of Harry "Erin i love you and these pass 3 years have been the highliight of my life so far but i dont want to call you my girlfriend anymore"  Harry said as he bend down on one knee and took out a ring "will you please give me the honor of calling you my wife" harry said the audienced was so happy and girls were screaming "say yes". "yes harry i will marry you" you said as harry slid the ring on your finger and you jumped into his arms and shared a lovely kiss. "just so you know this is the surprised i was telling you about" Louis said whispering into your ear. 

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