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14. Dianna and Zayn (Sad)

Its been a whole year since the death of your beloved husband Zayn Mailk, you were home with your twin daughters Leigh and Annie. "Mummy can we vist daddy its his birthday" said your two year old daughter Leigh "of course baby girl" you said as you pack them up in the car and drove to the graveyard. You walked over to Zayn's tombstone "hey babe im sorry you can't be here to see your children grow up, we miss you very much right girls" you said as you got teary eyes, Your daughters nodded agreeing with you as they began to cry. "we miss you daddy cant wait to see you again" they said. "i wish i can take back that day, if i never needed to get picked up you would have never got hit by the drunk driver" you said as you began to cry harder now. "well we should get going now babe i miss you and love you happy birthday the boys and your fans say hello and they miss you and love as well, bye baby i never forget you" you said, you put the three flowers on the stone kissed the stone and said goodbye,

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