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5. Destiny and Harry


You and harry have been living together for about a year now. Every now and then, you both get fights. But today, this is when you knew it has all gone wrong.. 'Leave me alone!' You shouted at harry, shedding a few tears. 'Love, it's not what you th-' before he could finish, you interrupted. 'Don't tell me what I saw on the news was some made up crap Harry!' 'Will you two quiet down?! yelled the neighbour. i'm trying to watch the football game here! harry, ignoring him, continues his argument with you like the neighbour never said anything.'Yeah, well don't always believe what news reporters say! It's not always true! Like when they said Louis was cheating on El with me. What the hell? They think its funny! But its not. All they're doing is causing my girlfriend pain when I did absolutely nothing wrong.' He said, tears streaming down his face. 'You mean your ex girlfriend. Goodbye Harry.' You took your jacket, your purse and your phone. You leave the apartment, slamming the door behind you. You start walking quickly as you can down the stairs, as Harry is starting to catch up with you. 'Destiny, please don't do this to me, he says with red puffy eyes. Please, don't leave me.' You turn around to see him in a mess, with a bloody fist. 'I-I-I'm sorry Harry, we're over.' You walk away as fast as you could, regretting what you did. Don't look back, don't look back, you said in your head. You get in the elevator. You hate that there are a lot of people in it because you didn't want anyone to notice you were crying. 'Bad breakup, huh?' Whispered this woman. She had a tall figure, 5'10, with brown hair. She was also pregnant. That reminds you of all the times you tried with Harry. You both wanted a baby girl. darcy. Darcy would've been her name. 'My name is Rosie, said the woman.' 'Destiny, you said while shaking her hand. How long have you had her?' 'Oh, almost 8 months. One more to go and Darcy will be born.' She said with a wide smile on her face. 'Darcy was going to be mine and his' daughters name.' You said. 'Oh, I'm terribly sorry , Destiny. Oh, well its my stop. I hope we get to see eachother again. Chow. And she was gone. Once the door was closing, you saw a hand popping up. 'Harry?' You asked. 'It's me babe, its me' he replied. You push the bottom to open the door, and next thing you know, Harry's there. With a box in his hand, along with flowers. 'I wanted to ask you during the sun set, he said. I waited a bit too long' you couldn't believe what was happening. Should I say yes? Should I say no? Before you could decide, he already started asking. You weren't paying attention, so all you heard was 'Des, I love you t'ill death do us part. I want to grow old with you. So, will you marry me?' 'Yes Harry!! Yes yes yes! I'm sorry about earlier. I wasn't thinking. I just wanted you for my own, I didn't want to share my star. He started chuckling. You both kiss, and he picks you up bridal style, up the stairs and into the room. Who know's what'll happen in there? * end*

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