Personal Imagines. Want One. Comment Which Boy or Girl Can Be With Any Celberity You Want, :)


16. Danielle and Liam (Sad)

It was yours and Liam's 5th Anniervirsy, As you were getting ready for the big night, Liam was working late and promised to be home before 7 pm. It was alreay 6:30 and you hoped Liam would be here by now, you treid calling him but there was no answer. you just sat on the coch and waited for him to come home. By now it was 8 pm and you should have already been at the restraunt by now, you started to dose off into sleep. You were woken up by the front door opening "Liam" you shouted, "yea" he said "Liam its midnight we missed our RSVP" you said "andddd" he said "Liam why are yu acting like this dont you care at all how much this day means to me" you screamed at him "hey dont scream at me i worked late at the studio and i need a beer okay" he said as he was walking upstairs. you ran pass him "no your sleeping on the couch" you said. Right then Liam pushed you away and you hit the lamp on the table. you were shocked Liam would do such a thing. Right then Liam stareted to sober up and he realized what had happen "omg babe im so sorry i didnt mean it" he said "yea what ever save it" you siad as you were walking out the front door "baby please dont leave me i love you please" he begged "Liam today you had a choice eith you can go out with the guys or spend our annivery with me, tonight you made a wrong choice and that choice cost you your girlfreind, im sorry im not important to you as you were to me, bye Liam have a good life" you said as you walked to your car driving away without looking back. Liam fell to the floor crying pulling out the ring he was going to give you. "im such an idiot" he said as he threw the ring out the door and went inside

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