Personal Imagines. Want One. Comment Which Boy or Girl Can Be With Any Celberity You Want, :)


20. Betty and Louis

You and Louis were going Ice Skating but the sad thing is Louis never been ice skating and quit frankliy he didnt want to go but you begged him all week with your puppy eyes and he said yes. "come on Lou its not that hard" you said as you were dragging Louis onto the ice "easy for you to say" he said as he was holding on to the handle for dear life. 'i want to stop" he whined " no Lou no stopping now come on" you said as you pulled him off the rail and into the middlle of the ring "im gonna die" Louis said as he was holding onto you. "Louis stop crying and pull yourself together"

you said you let go off him and gave him a little push to get him started but all you did was push him right on his bum "omg Louis are you okay" you said "my bum how could you this is the money maker babe the fans love my bum it was so perfect now its flat" Louis said holding on to his bum "yea your okay" you siad to yourself. he hold Louis as he was skating out of the ring and went home for hot coco




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