Personal Imagines. Want One. Comment Which Boy or Girl Can Be With Any Celberity You Want, :)


1. Angel and Cody


Imagine: You and your Friends Have been waiting forever to get concert tickets to see the beloved Cody Simpson. Today is the last day for tickets and you and your friend Amy have been waiting inline for hours and when you get to the front of the line the front, the lady says they are sold out. You guys began to tear up and walk away when you bumped into someone "omg im so sorry" you said looking up to the one and only Cody Simpson "dont sweat it babe you alright you look sad" he said concered "welll me and my friend have been waiting inline for about 3 hours to get tickets for your concert and when we got to the front they were sold out" you said looking down. Cody picked you chin up and gave you a grin "come with me" You and Amy followd him inside.He gave you both front row tickets and back stage passes. After the amazing concert you both met him back to his dressing room. "so i never got you names" Cody said. "well im Angel and this is my friend Amy were big  fans" you said smiling at him. "Well its nice to meet you Angel and Amy maybe we should hang out sometime" he said smiling at you. He gave you his numbers and you gave him yours. And this began a beautiful friendship and soon a relationship  

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